dry herb and wax concentration together?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Saputo_, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Hey, I was wondering if i can put some wax concentration with dry herb into my dry herb Vape?
    I try searching the solution but couldn't find the answer.

  2. Yeah man it works great just my gunk some stuff up depending on what vaporizer you are using.
  3. Say I have a Flowermate Vapormax V Dry Herb Vaporizer, can i do it with that a little wax with dry herb? 
    If so, I guess it would need more cleaning?
  4. Yeah it should work great just will get dirty quick.
  5. or do you have any suggestions of a good vape that can do both wax and dry herb separately or together? Price range around $200 and preferably portable. I heard most vape pens aren't that good so yeah 
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    Vapoloution 2.0 has an accessorie for vaping concentrates it falls under your price range too. Not a portable but they also have a battery pack type accessorie. This thing has so many cool accessories its definitely worth checking out
  7. I have thrown some dry herb and a few wax balls into a vape pen and vaped it pretty well. You just have to know that it will get messy in there. But you will get properly blasted.
  8. I have done this in Solo, Extreme Q, ascent and bongs. It's awesome, just maintenance increases slightly. Slight remedy is to sandwich you wax between layers of green
  9. The Atmos R2 Vaporizer has a special anodized heating chamber that is designed to heat dry herbs and waxy oils. It is portable and I think it is about $150  :) 
  10. Oh nice I just bought a solo. Expecting it to arrived sometime next week
  11. I usually run it at 6 or 7 for wax. Draw slow for 10 seconds then cough for a minute and repeat
  12. Haha alrite cool thanks for the tips
  13. Lets see some avb
  14. Some how you make quite possibly the worst posts I have ever seen on this forum. Congratulations you are the winner.

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