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Dry day laughs.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JuggaloSins, May 13, 2011.

  1. Today I was dry a couple tornado warnings and nobody wants to leave the house haha. Well I decided to scrap my pipe because I knew I haven't scraped it in a long time, I figured I would get a decent high and be able to relax. So I went to the secret spot I stick my pipe scrapping tools, only to find a small box with a note. Sorry I broke your tools man, heres some weed. Inside the box was a quarter sack, i mean not much but it will get me through today. I checked the note for the name of who broke my tools and it was signed by me. I love when I do something high and forget about it. Anything happen to you all thats close to this?
  2. You blow a quarter a day? Damn.
  3. You must be a baller lol, in which case, hook it up with an eighth?
  4. Maybe he smokes quarters?
    im high
  5. Quarters aint all that much in king size zags :)
  6. You write notes to yourself? Easy there charlea manson
  7. Yes exactly haha
  8. Sorry for double post. But really is there any stories out there like this?
  9. Idk dude you must have been really high for that to happen

    Actually a while ago I put my cellphone behind my friend TV so I wouldnt lose it 4 months later my friend found it :smoking:
  10. Damn this is some multiple personality shit. Next thing you know this guy will be fucking your girl and smokin your weed
  11. I don't know man if i did it would be something absolutely stupid, like putting snot in a box and saying "For whenever your nose gets dry man".
  12. I have a lot of stories like this... The most recent being about 2 weeks ago. I was dry and scouring my house for bud, so I looked around. I couldn't find any, so I eventually gave up. Long story short I felt like cleaning and ended up finding a 2 gram joint at the bottom of my drawer. Needless to say, it was one of the best smokes of my life.

  13. this is exactly what I mean man stories like this :)
  14. Two days ago I lost my bowl cuz I hid it while I was high. Yesterday I found it in the shoe box that I was about to put my new one in. And I dont even like my new bowl god damn it.

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