Dry cracking lips

Discussion in 'General' started by Alrex, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I tried everything, then I came across polysporin. No more waking up with bloody lips and people asking me if I got in a fight everyday.
  2. Cool sto...ahhh shit.

    Why do you wake up with dry/bloody lips?
  3. Did you get in a fight is that why your lips were all bloody lol jk, but seriously though whyd you get bloody lips?
  4. drink more water
  5. This.
    And Nice sig love Rebelution
  6. Whenever i wear my retainer it makes my lips crack and bleed... I shall try polysporn
  7. dude that happened to me like 1 week ago, it sucked man, lasted like a week hahaha, cus i wasn't putting enough lip balm to actually keep it moist overnight I guess? I don't need to put any of that shit anymore though, only while they were cracked in the corners..
    it was fucking annoying, everytime I'd try to take a big bite of something or yawn, the cracks would open back up haha fuck it was lame. Specially hitting my buddies bongs and shit haha I could'nt tell if they were aware / able to see it or not,.. but nobody said anything really.
    I blame it on the cold I guess? Never happened to me before then..
    glad its over though fuck that was annoying.
  8. Im on accutane it makes everything dry, and I just put on chapstick every 20 minutes. But i should try polysporin maybe its better...
  9. I used to use carmex, it doesn't stay wet and dries pretty quick

    My lips are dry because of the damn dry weather here in Calgary
  10. There is a lawsuit against acutane. No one uses that sit anymore its very dangerous

    Burts bees red cap
  11. berts beeswax is a must to have.
  12. Also used burts bees, didn't work for me

    Red, orange and purple cap
  13. Drink more, that's a sign of dehydration
  14. [quote name='"Skunky Monkey"']Drink more, that's a sign of dehydration [/quote]

    I drink about 4-5 gallons a day

    It's the dry weather here, plus I have an underbite so my lower lip sticks out like bubba from Forrest gump

    My top lip doesnt have a problem ever

  15. you do not drink 5 gallons of water in one day. that's like 40 + lbs of fluid....
  16. Damn I just used regular chap stick, and mine only dry out in the winter.
  17. [quote name='"makinthelul420"']

    you do not drink 5 gallons of water in one day. that's like 40 + lbs of fluid....[/quote]

    I don't eat much but I drink a lot of water

    I also pee a lot
  18. You just sound un healthy maybe try eating something and drinking more water. 4-5 gallons I doubt you drink even close to that.

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