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Dry buds vs sticky buds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by RustyCakePan, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. is there a huge diff between smoking dry or sticky buds really?

    I know people try to re-moisturize dry buds with stuff like orange peel or bread but is it just to try to get the "sticky icky" feel instead of "upping" the high/flavor/something?
    I don't think there would be much diff in the amount of trichs myself...

    Sorry if its been asked but search seems to be broken and I don't see this topic for the last 6 pages...
  2. nah its all preference, people add orange peels to add moisture so it wont be so harsh and instead a smoother smoke i would imagine
  3. sticky>dry>wet imo.
  4. If i am correct, Sticky bud has not been allowed to fully dry itself, THat's why it's sticky.
  5. Naw, I like my buds bone dry. Easily broken up, joint stays lit way better and I believe potency is increased. Dont have much info to back that up other than my own experiences. All my weed I dry and cure tho I make sure is very dry.

    Then my friends will give me the usual bitch n moan bout it not being sticky
    but as seen as they hit that, and there eyes start bulging out of their head and their having uncontrolled coughing...they shut up real quick
  6. Yep. My thoughts exactly.

    Just because the weed is sticky does not mean it wasn't cured properly. If it is wet on the other hand, then you might be looking at your dealer with horrified eyes.
  7. The stickyness comes from the amount of crystals which is considered the best by most people. Its not because it's wet, weed that is wet is the complete oppersite to sticky.
  8. from my understanding,

    Sticky - lots of THC
    Dry - other
    Wet - moistened up either to add weight or mitigate harshness
  9. A perfect cure leaves the buds just a little sticky but not damp. This gives the best taste and smoothness when smoked. Very dry weed tends to be a lot harsher and loses some taste. There's not too much difference in potency either way except that the trichs (keif) on very dry weed are more fragile and tend to fall off/get knocked off the buds easier and wind up in the bottom of your container instead of attached to the bud like they should be.
  10. That would be wet.

  11. You know most people view caughing an an undesirable characteristic. That comes from hashness caused by improper flushing and or curing.
    Not sayin your weed isnt good but the smoother and less coughing the better.
  12. I always prefer sticky bud over dry bud, because it usually means it's fresher, plus I just kind of like that it's sticky, lol. But, dry bud is a lot easier to break up.
  13. thanks for the input guys, I think it makes a bit more sense now that I heard the reasoning behind it. I never really got it till now.
    I actually liked dryer buds so far due to how easy it rips apart in the grinder. :D
    (and that I get more buds for the same weight haha!)

  14. When im breaking up sticky weed and my fingers are covered in kief i know its going to be a great smoke.Dry weed has never done me wrong but is harsher smoking in my opinion.For the longest time my dealer only had white rhino and it was always dry.

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