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Dry buds in Rice?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by mjr99, Apr 21, 2009.

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    So people say if you drop your cell phone in water by accident that you should take out the battery and card and let it dry in a bowl of rice. Apparently the rice soaks up all the moisture and the phone is as good as new 12 hrs or so later. So it got me thinking, what if you got a rubbermaid filled it halfway up with rice and submerge your just cut buds into it? Im thinking it might one, speed up the process and two cover up the dank smell a bit. Ill think ill try a few buds this way at my next harvest. Ill keep you guys posted.

  2. it sounds like it would work. In the past i stored my seeds in the refrigerator in a film canister with rice inside to soak up any moisture and it worked fine but thats alot less moisture than whats in wet buds. the faster the drying=the harsher the smoke. Give it a test on a small batch and see what is best and report back:smoking:
  3. drying with rice - Page 7 - Marijuana Growing

    Thread on another site from folks who tried this. The consensus seemed to be that using rice would speed up the process but make sure the buds and rice are somewhat seperated because the rice will stick to them. I thinking im going to do the cardboard box method but add disco ball looking thing hanging with my buds thats basically a screen formed into a ball filled with rice.

    drying with rice - Page 7 - Marijuana Growing
  4. Just do a little searching. This subject has been discussed quite a bit, it seems like it will work, I would just think it would dry them a bit too fast...maybe. Only way to know is to try it.
  5. i would put it in rice after i dried them for a week. i would think mold would start to grow. fresh bud is pretty wet.
  6. drying has nothing to do with the harshness of the smoke, it's the curing part that controls the harshness of the smoke. If you dry it quickly, you will have to worry about mold for less amount of time. When it's dry, just put it in a glass jar and let it cure for a couple weeks. Then wala, you have smokeable herb. If it's too dry by the end just remoisturize it with a sliver of orange peel or a small piece of wet paper towel.
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    I must respectfully disagree with you on this belief. In my experience the longer and slower the drying process, the smoother the final product is. What works for me might not work the same for someone else, as I live in an incredibly dry environment. A full grown mature plant hung up in a dark closet with air circulating at around 78 degrees will be crispy bone dry in 3 days... I mean crispy. No mater how well cured after a quick dry like that... the final product will never be as smooth as a same plant hung up in the same closet, but with a humidifier and slowly dried over the course of 7-9 days and then cured in the same manner.

    This is just my experience... I'm not saying someone couldn't have better results with a quick dry... just that I absolutely can't where I live.

    EDIT: to respond to the OP...

    Moist rice will spoil, and dry rice can be abrasive. Trichomes could very easily get dislodged if buds were buried in some rice. If it's just sitting on top of the rice... then why not just hang it and and avoid any further complications :smoke:
  8. Have you ever dried your harvest in three days?
  9. You really don't WANT to speed the drying process up too much. There are biological processes going on during the first several days of slowly drying the buds that are important to a good cure.
  10. ^^^Yes sir! Dry it too fast, and moisture gets sealed within the buds unable to escape during curing. The slower the dry the better, but the rice thing is an interesting idea none the less. I actually do a large scale "cure" as my dry but I do the dry in cardboard boxes to drag it out to around 10-12 days, then pop them babies into mason jars for a 4-12 week cure...3 month cure is for the best of the best of my stashes it makes it so much more rich in flavor, and aroma, and smooth as peaches n creme!
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    Not a whole harvest but parts of it, yes. I typically give my "works for me" disclaimer when giving out advice or my opinions... but in this case if you do a little research or talk to some experienced growers I'm pretty sure you'll get to the consensous that slower drying produces a more desireable smoke than quick drying methods.

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