Dry bong rips

Discussion in 'General' started by Hempire23, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. has anyone else ever forgotten the water to your bong because all you're thinking about is that sexy morning bong rip? Then you realize there is no water like half way through but you cant just stop mid toke. Shit goes straight to the dome! :bongin:
  2. I took dry bong rips with OG Kush after riding my bike in 20 degree weather to get it. Let's just say it was not fun, although I was incredibly baked.
  3. It's a steamroller, shit can be harsh.
  4. Fuck that

    On another note,this weirdo I know likes to heat his bong water...not sure why

  5. hes not a "weirdo" by any means, hot water makes some of the smoothest bong hits.

  6. It's also healthier than using cold water.
  7. [quote name='"OGkushak"']

    hes not a "weirdo" by any means, hot water makes some of the smoothest bong hits.[/quote]

    No he's not a weirdo cuz he heats his bong water....he's just a weirdo period haha
  8. [quote name='"jeffadamski93"']

    It's also healthier than using cold water.[/quote]

    I've never tried it Id be down though
  9. ^^^^This
  10. Damn, I've never tried a warm bong toke. Sounds like it could be pretty smooth though!
    And I normally don't mind dry rips but when I just wake up and im expecting a frosty rip, it's bad lol
  11. Yeah but that shit HURTS!!!

    lol. Did it to my friend once on purpose because he was buggin me about smoking...you just get way too much fuckin smoke man he was dying from it. (He milked it like it had water)

    I guess i'm a dick for that though
  12. That just sounds kinda....retarded.
  13. yeah but it makes my geology class for much fun

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