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Dry Bong hits

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Indi420, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. been gettin baked for least 5 years now used pretty much any smoking device you can think of and for some reason i really enjoy hittin my bong with no water in it.

    I don't know why but i'm just down for it i guess. Most of the time I use water but sometimes i just dont want to. It reminds me of taking a fat steamroller hit.

    anyone else like dry bonging it?:smoking:
  2. I had to have someone over to service my A/C today so I was dry-bonging it on the back porch this morning. It is definitely like taking steamroller hits, meaning huge, but somewhat harsh, hits. I am still baked :smoking:
  3. Yes. I do this as a preference sometimes depending on the harshness of the herb.
  4. Yeah I've done it here and there. It is a different hit. I still prefer water though. Nothing like a smooth bong rip.
  5. i prefer the water for some reason, but i do like to do the steam roller ever so often on the bong sometimes :bongin:
  6. Yeah we had a thread about this. I got neg repped because i like hitting it like that haha. Makes it like a big steamroller, i enjoy it sometimes.
  7. It is enjoyable for me only if i have extremely good tasting herb, just so i can get an extreme amount of flavor in my hit :yummy:

    But most of the time i prefer my hit smooth and water diffused :D
  8. I took a bong hit with herbal tea in it........
    But i do dry hit when i cba to put water in when im baked already
  9. Nice dry hit with ice is a very nice experience.
  10. Lol i use to smoke organic yerba mate out of my bong, big huge solid hits haha. Gotta nice little buzz.
  11. that sounds bomb! :yay:
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    YEa Ive hit my bong raw befor but If i want a steamroller ill just use my syn. Pics of my glass in my sig
    SO yea i guess what im tryin to say is i love a hit like that so i bought a peice just for it.

    im high as fuk:smoking:
  13. Well yes I do love doing this only with some vapor though. The bong makes it extremely easy to clear big vapor hits. If only I took the time to clean my bong it would taste so nice.

    Although with smoke, I'm good on dry bongers. The times I took them I ended up feeling a sore throat and like a dumbass because I forgot to fill the bong water.. So no thanks
  14. The last time I hit a bong dry, it was agonizing for my throat. I ripped it hard on a dare
    and regretted it as soon as I inhaled. Coughed for about 20 minutes.
  15. I've only did it a few times on accident. If I clean my bong while high I sometimes forget to put water. I don't really like it.
  16. really depends on what sort of bud, but in all honesty if you only have a lil bud since this is way harsher, your probably going to cough, so you can get higher easier
  17. Gives me the worst cotton mouth
  18. Id always rather just put water in it.
  19. much better with water in my opinion. dry hitting it too harsh
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    no wayyyy man bongs taste gnar!! hit a bong like a bong and a steamroller like a steamroller

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