dry blunt wraps. : ( advice???

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  1. So I went to the gas station a couple of days ago and i bought a 5 pack of strawberry swishers to roll blunts with because i love rolling blunts im like this white girl who rolls amazing blunts, its like the skill im most proud of. Anyways when i split the first wrap it was so dry i didnt know what to do. i got it rolled but it was fucking hard. what can i do to moisten them back so i can roll blunts??? please help me!!:eek:
  2. It helps if you lightly wet the entire wrap with your lips. Let it dry just a tad, then proceed to roll. If you're good, by the time it's sealed up, it'll be dry and ready to spark.

    Or invest in King Sized Zig Zags..
  3. saliva helps. but honestly i would just use glass.

    i love blunts just as much as the next person, but glass is just sooo much better.
  4. WhAt I did was roll it pack it and where I split it open I licked the shit out of it and where u twisted it
  5. Dip your finger in water and wet the blunt a little all over. Just don't over do it. >_<
  6. get a wet napkin and wrap it around the blunt wrap. not too wet though. let it chill for a bit and it should be a little damp.
  7. I know this sounds crazy but TRUST ME it works.

    I always use Swishers so I know the pain. Leave it in the plastic wrap and depending how stale it is you put it in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds. If really stale sometimes 15, but be carefull they will combust if left in too long. (Never happened to me but some drunk friends lol)
  8. yea def microwave it. I tried it shitfaced drunk before and it worked lol
  9. OR u could just do wat i do and cup the stale blunt inside ur hands and breathe hot air into it. like when ur cold. trust after a miinute or 2 it.ll be moist enough to roll :smoke:

  10. oh shit thats brilliant :smoke:
  11. nooooooo this shit wont work ^^^^^^

    just boil water or just make some tea or something and hold the wrap over the steam it will make it perfect on the real tip... :smoke:
  12. the boiling water technique will make your wrap too moist if you dont hold it high enough over the steam,

    best thing to do is use your breath like you were fogging a window on it and a razor blade,

    i like my blunts kinda stale (at least white owls) cuz they are more sturdy and roll more str8, 3 tucks n licks and its pearled

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