Dry (Bleached?) Leaves

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  1. Is this because of fruit flies or could it be light burn? I've cut the smaller plant because the leaves were way too dry (not sure if I am meant to cut from the leaves or the beginning of the branch). I don't know what I should do to prevent further sickness or god forbid, infestation?
    I have a critical kush outback (also sick) and it had white flies floating around when I was flushing it. So I left it out for that reason and also it's coming up summer in the southern hemisphere ...though if I leave her out during the early germination month will that worsen whats already dealt?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate all the help I can get! 


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  2. Really hard to see shite with all that led light.
  3. Just imagine white bleached leaves lol... The only one that is yellowing is the one in the middle. But it's just the shape the leaves are taking that I was trying to show in the pics. Some curl upward/downward and others curve and are starting to spiral.
  4. Mate take 'em outside and take a pic don't be a dic we wanna help
  5. If there is a difference between dry and bleached leaves then I can understand your frustration otherwise why call me a dick just because you can't see.
  6. I'm guessing Potassium Deficiency. It sure would help if we can see their colors, a lot of problems look alike, better seen in full detailed than read if you want the best advice, and your girls look like they need some help asap.
  7. I could help you, but you just wasted my time and now ive wasted yours.

    Next time take them outta the purple light so we can see wtf is wrong them.

  8. They aren't your own plants; so don't get pissed LOLOL. They are dead. Now I don't mind.
    ~Turns out there was fungi in the roots.
  9. Fungi on roots? What soil were ya usin, or were you using coco air or something like that.
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    ur attitude still blows dead goats, try using....... I know it is rare, but try common sense, your pics don't show what you see, try being considerate and posting pics in natural light instead of insulting people, it's not that our eyes don't work, we don't have the visual you do!

    Glad they are dead.

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