Drunken Saturday Night..still up

Discussion in 'General' started by xXMelkorXx, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So..interesting night here at iloveweedsmoke's house tonight..just had about 20 of our close friends here, drinking beer, doing absolutely crazy shit such as near massive orgies/multiple makeout partners...

    we will have pictures up in the morning, when smoke wakes up..

    haha..the girl he was ''with'' tonight, pulled the drunkie im going to puke and pass out everywheree...haha so I feel sorry for the man having to deal with that tonight..

    Im having to deal with a clingly one night stand from last night..i let her know how i was feeling, letting her know so there wouldnt be false expectations..but alas..she is not taking the hint...

    i just cant pass out just yet..so im posting in this place..cuz smoke asked me too..cuz we have vid's..pic's,.and quotes from last night that we would love to share with you guys

    plus...about a half ounce of bud has been blown away...damn..some prettty damn decent buds...

    stay high guys..more to come in a bit folkssss:smoking::smoking:
  2. Haha! Well we gon be waitin. Do it up when you get the chance.

    Also, youre probably gonna have to be a little hard to the bitch if you want her to leave.
  3. sounds like an average night. :p
    seriously though

  4. I fell asleep at about 1030, woke up at about 130 and still going. I don't know when I'm going to go back to bed. All I can think about is the cinnamon rolls in the morning that I'm going to go buy and nom on. I almost want to stay up for them because I'm still high instead of sleeping then getting them. You know?

    I'm just about to go get them out and in a pan to let them raise. :smoke:

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