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    Last night I had an... eventful dream. I'm going to replicate it as well as possible. It was such a good dream that I want to encapsulate it in this forum post.
    My question to you is: have you ever experienced a drunken/high dream?
    I tend to get them when I put myself to bed rather then let the substance pass me out. Anyways, on to the story.
    I believe it started with my laying in bed, I was looking at my computer watching this Youtube channel named "Ephemeral Rift." All the sudden, the dream had shifted and I was in this guy's house in REAL LIFE (I mean, real, but within the borders of the dream... you get me). I actually don't remember what happened after that, but he left the room and his wife -- or some female came into the room.  I only remember that she had black hair and that we had sex.
    What's more weird is that it felt absurdly real. So much so that it makes me wonder what the fuck happened in the real world that made me feel this in the dream world! The dream shifted yet again and I found myself jacking off with a fleshlight. Don't ask... I was disappointed in the dream, I can remember that feeling clearly. I remember trying to replicate what I was doing in the dream; going on Youtube and watching Ephemeral Rift again. At this point, I think the dream turned lucid (where I could control it to an extent). I of course could not replicate it and so I gave up... but the dream shifted AGAIN.
    This time I was walking into some ominous mansion, the walls painted in dark colors of brown and green. There were hanging everywhere, with ornate furniture. It looked like something out of a horror video game, in fact, I remember saying to the people I was with (my cousin and Pewdiepie -- again, don't ask. I have no fucking clue why they were there) that it looks like the mansion out of _____ game. I can't remember what game I told them it was like. They agreed.
    It was apparently Christmas, because I had brought with me a newly unboxed Xbox 360. I remember opening it because the guy who owned the mansion was taking forever to come. I was feeling it in my hands and it was weird, one side of the Xbox had a matte-plastic finish and the other had like a foam cover. Anyways, we start playing some game with a similar layout to Dig Dug. Except this time we were building some kind of school building and hiring teachers and shit. It was weird and I have no idea how to explain it.
    Then the dream shifted and the game turned into some weird Soul Caliber shit. I think the rest of the dream was about my and my cousin mashing the A and B button wrestling our characters. I don't remember what happened after that. I probably woke up.
    This was a pretty bizarre dream, so bizarre that I think it was amazing.
    Edit: Just remember another thing. I was watching anime shortly before I fell asleep... that's just the shit I do when I'm high and drunk alone (it geeks the fuck out of me), but I think this affected my dreams.
    In my dream I had met this girl in Paris and I apparently had some superpower where I could read her mind and experience her past by looking at her eyes. We worked together as chefs inside of a high class restaurant... and let me say, I fucking suck at cooking, so I don't know why I was there. During work I tried talking to her as a friend but she was a total bitch and seemed to hate men. 
    Our boss made us close together and so we just walked home with each other. That's when three guys came up and tried to molest her. Apparently my "herp derp suporpowir eyes" granted me the ability to perceive things in slow motion (shit, I was probably just drunk in my dream) and I ended up kicking their asses. The lady warmed up to me and said thanks. We ended up living in the same apartment building, and she lived in the room above me.
    Pretty fucking ridiculous. I find it hilarious because I think it means some part of my sub-consciousness wants to be some kind of hero in a story. Oh dreams, what would I do without you.

  2. Last drunk dream i can remember is me getting stabbed by a homeless dude who wouldn't leave when asked

    And i believe monkey bars were involved somehow

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  3. One dag I was sitting in a park bench, the. Pushed p
    By the grammar of life I arose to the moonlight. This piss if the Russ bus. Kiss

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