drunken aussie skinhead video

Discussion in 'General' started by kindness, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. That was hilarious when his head went through the fence lmao:hello:
  2. Oh man thats the funniest shit when your high. hehe
  3. Hahha omfg thats awesome.
  4. HAhAhAhaHaha holy fuck dude

    thats hilarious. Who the fuck would do that? I dont support skin heads, but this shit was just fucking awesomely hardcore. I love it.
  5. *points to avatar*
    It's a shame the skinhead community gets such a bad name because of neo nazi skinheads like these tools.

  6. So, what? Theres good skin heads out there?

    Sorry man, but any belief that preaches hate isnt cool in my book. Aint trying to start shit, but its just my opinion.
  7. hahahaha head into the fence thats so hardcore LOL
  8. Thats not what I mean at all.


    Skinheads started as a non racial political group. Real skinheads exists today as a working class culture.
    So before you people go hating on skinheads, stop and think. The media only plays up on the bad guys and the real skinheads get left in the dark and are hated on by everyone.


  9. Damn, sorry man. I had no idea. I admit, i only went on what i was told. I guess ive learned something new today lol

    My bad, dude.
  10. hahaha that was fuckin funny.. I'm gona go watch it again lol :hello::hello:
  11. No problem man, glad I can teach someone something new:D I see where you can get mixed up, every skinhead movie i'v seen, they're the bad guys. Also the media only plays up one side of their culture, the racist side, what makes better news though?
  12. I have always found skin heads to be interesting. I dont totaly agree on what alot of skin heads think but the skinhead thing is pretty cool. And im talking about the drunk punk skinheads.

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