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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. at this moment ...ARE YOU DRUNK? jw, i dunno, i just drank like a full glass of 94.6 proof gin so some shit, i dont even know... well i would do a poll if i could move.... but just tell me
  2. no.... but im fucking baked....
  3. yes....drank a 12 of mich light..... relaxin night at a friends house.... bbq goin and the giant trampoline bouncin.....good times..with nice weather....
  4. totally sober.

    Haven't been drunk since wednesday, and not high since, erm, yesterday. Then again i worked a bit today, and will work a bit tomorrow as well. I got this gig doing lights on a Tango-Show :D Yeah, i know, it sucks, but the girl-dancers are really hot, so who cares if i gotta suffer through 1 1/2 hour of "Macarena", "Livin Lavida Loco", "Mambo no. 5" and worse...

    And it pays well. Think i'm going to get drunk after the show tomorrow, awaiting better times after the summer, when the metal scene roars into life again :)
  5. i was drunk last night.. you gotta be sober sometime i guess.. not that i am completely sober.. i just dont have any more alcohol in my system.. as for thc.. thats a different story

  6. I was too drunk to make it to the city last night :D
  7. what the hell.... i posted this?? weirddd lol i guess i was capable last night.. dont remember but it sounded fun
  8. mmmm made a great drink,hope you got your pens ready!! take about 1/5 of 7 up...mix it with a half bottle of mango flavored snapple... and about a cup of gin, tastes great
  9. We got a big bottle last night. 1.75 liter of rum. I was fuuucked. Took like 15-20 shots. My cousin was fucked up. My friend was TOO fucked up. He kept laying down in the street and shit.
    Anyway, we stayed up drinkin til the sun came up around 5-6 am. I called my friend, who's house we were at, today. And I talked to his mom, my friend was passed out. My friend apparently after we walked him up to his spot, he yelled and hollered at his mom for a little bit about not having an inhaler. Called her a stupid bitch. And I found out he doesn't remember it. That is way irresponsible of him. I'm through drinking with him for a few months, he really needs a break.
  10. as promised, today i'm drunk. well, drunk might be a bit overdoing it, but under the influence, buzzed, hell yeah.

    and the show went fine today thankyouverymuch. unlike yesterday when some nimrod managed to spill a bit of beer into the lights desk. argh.

    still tho' i get extra pay for the inconvinience of organizing another lightsdesk to the show :)
  11. not drunk....recovering though... hung over as hell....

    tryed to post last night but kept making spelling errors and what not it sucked....

    i still have alcohol leeching out of my pours and a dzed over groggyness.....ahhhhhhhhhh......

    im never going to touch a beer again.............................................before 5pm tonight anyway....
  12. at this moment right now, im completly sober.

  13. we all feel for yeah. im recovering..Im drinking to forget or not remember. one of those I cant recall..nothing beats an ice cold spicy bloody mar yto start a summer day. I:D

  14. Same here sweetie!!!

  15. HA! Im sooooooooo not letting you get away with this!!!!

    [​IMG]From what you REMEMBER you werent here!!!!! ;) :D
  16. hmm, i got 4 beers in the fridge. survivors from last nights seabattle. Estimated casualty rate: 1 killed every 45 minutes :)

  17. LoL, Yeah I guess you're right!!! :D LoL

    That's ok, we'll see what I dont remember TOMORROW LoL!!

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