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Discussion in 'General' started by D3vO, May 15, 2006.

  1. I'm staying at my cousins place right now and I'm totally dry and extremely cut off from any weed souce that I can find, so...I got drunk tonight haha. Usually I don't like being drunk compared to being high but right now I'd say I feel pretty good. I decided to use one of those online drunk calculators to see how drunk I really am. The calculator said that I should be unconscious lmao. I don't know why I'm posting but I just wanted to know what everyone else thought about being drunk vs being high. I definatly prefer being high to being drunk, so much more control and ability to do things. BTW the calc. thing I used was www.rupissed.com
  2. i prefer getting high, no hang over effect, the sense of pure bliss still though, and it doesn't taste god awful :p Unless of course you're drinkin the bong water ;)
  3. Indeed, I way prefer the herb to alcohol, for many reasons. As for bong water, I'd say that I would never drink it, or even think about drinking it.
  4. id say most people that smoke weed probablly prefer weed, cuz if they prefered alcohol they would drink it and not get high as much, since its leagal (if your 21 over here)
  5. well im actually going to get drunk tonight.......and stoned most likely

    i prefer weed though, i would say that i only get drunk maybe once or twice a month

    i get high everyday though
  6. It's been so long since I've smoked, I can't remember what it's like to be high. I can still tell you more about weed than I'll bet you knew. ;)
  7. that site is pretty bullshit it says that if i tipped 8 shots of 45% liqueor id b dead :eek: most ive done was 18 and i still didnt die
  8. Im not a huge fan of alcohol, i still drink it, but i cant seem to get 'wasted' as when i start feeling a bit overboard, i tend to stop drinking, without me realising it if you get me? I just forget about the drink...
  9. Drinkin is all fun an everything, right up until I drink to much. Then I feel like shit, I can never get too high on weed.
  10. I prefer being stoned to drunk. It's much more enjoyable. The combination of them both is good though. Weed really just chill's me out after a good few beers and takes off that agressive edge.
  11. Drunk definitly. I get a much more happy euphoric feeling when I drink opposed to when I smoke. I never get hung over or anything either.
  12. i'd rather be high, but i get drug tested once a week through rehab, so i too got drunk last night, i drank 2/3rds of a bottle of 100 proof vodka in about an hour n a half, god damn i was drunk haha, so drunk that when i came home i fell on my bed n passed out with my clothes on... i still dont understand how i can drive perfectly fine under the influence of anything in any amount, except dxm unless i'd been doin it a few days gettin used to it.

  13. I don't undertsand how you can drink and drive, that is so irresponsible. What if you kill a child? Just pay the 20 bucks and get a god damned taxi.
  14. I like to drink occasionally...I like to get high more though.

    Goin to a homecoming party today, gonna be 2 kegs of yuengling, at least a QP, a 20 strip, and rolls.

    Should be kick ass. I don't think I'll end up doin any cid or ex though. I had 1 good experience on cid and I'd like to keep it that way.
  15. i like being drunk better, cause youre happier when ur drunk and you are more social... weed is the complete opposite for me.

  16. damn right...
  17. HIGH! puffpuffpuffpuffpuffpuffpuffpuffpuff
  18. Depends on the situation i guess. If im stressed durin the day id rather smoke some herb. Night time id rather rip a few 40's of steel 211 and get fallin down drunk.

    I guess i like bein drunk more, Because it seems you can get more 'high/buzz' off alcohol then herb. But my favs to mix the two. But i couldnt do without my herb, Where as i can go a couple days without alcohol which sucks but im aight. Without herb im jus mad stressed.

  19. He meant on drugs, not drunk.
    DWI = Driving While Intoxicated - Alcohol
    DUI = Driving Under the Influence - Drugs
  20. i'd rather be high. i'd gain a lot of weight if i drank everyday because of all those empty calories plus i get the munchies a LOT more when i drink. at least i can abstain from eating when im high. but when im drunk, that's a different story.

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