drunk rider baby

Discussion in 'General' started by dingleberryfin, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. :hello: Wass up baby, well i just rode my iguana down to my buddies house cuz i was to lazy to drive. fucking did some shots and then rode back. It was a fucking rush trying to beat sunset. But i made it im a drunk rider. Its such a rush fucking bats flying out in front of you like fucking crazy . Holla at chuuu boII
  2. hey boy, awesome story.
  3. I dont get it. Is he joking or trying to act like he's high?
  4. did i say smoked fooo i drank and im not joking dude and my iguana is a type of bike. Giant Iguana LOL
  5. OH! you were being MISLEADING!! hahhaha, man at first i thought whoa he's riding a reptile, he must not be going very fast....but in fact it was a play on words! golly!

  6. what? what the fuck/
  7. haha i think its funny too lazy to drive when really driving is the most lazy way to get somewhere.

    i love riding a bike around tho its so much fun being able to go wherever you want and just ride around
  8. Not while I'm still floating will you ride this Iguana
  9. Quote:
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    i think hes gangsta....where you from dingle? az or something...id love to ride a bike out running bats
  10. lol my friend montez almost got hit by a car last weekend while riding in the middle of this road called preston highway. its a road like 5 or 6 lanes wide and his dumb (high) ass was in the middle of it looking all relaxed.
  11. Az 520 Reppin 4 Life

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