drunk people with high people

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  1. Anyone else find that when you're high looking at drunk people its funny as hell to watch them but when you start talking to them its a buzz kill at least for me. I think its because being wasted and being high are two diffrent state of minds they just do not mix at all its like the high mind sees through the bullshit and stupidity of the wasted individual thats the best way i can describe it anyone else find it awkward like at partys or whatever talking to drunk people. Oh yea and I love this city :smoke:
  2. Ya drunk people totally have a different view point at parties. I'll be sitting there chilling and someone will come up screaming and spilling alc all over the place. It's like, calm the fuck down man and hit this shit. And then they talk about how smoking is stupid and being drunk is what normal people do? Go drive into a wall I say
  3. I drink, not alot anymore. Whiskey is delicious, so is beer, but id give it all up for the ganj.

    I never acted like an asshole when i was drunk till i got older, tis why i dont drink as much.
  4. When I'm stoned around people tripping it makes my high more enjoyable. It seems to be the opposite with alcohol.
  5. how do alcohol and weed not mix?

    i love smoking/drinking at the same time..but i agree..drunk people are annoying when your only high
  6. I drank for many, many years - so much that I pickled my liver and now CANNOT drink because of medical reasons. I find alcohol to be so tempting and poisonious that I really don't even hang out with drinkers anymore. They annoy me to no end, and now I feel like I really wasted my 20's drinking a ton. It's a poison, plain and simple. Plus drunk people are assholes.
  7. I smoked with my cousins back in September and my sister and a family friend were there- they didn't smoke, they had Malibu.

    the family friend decided to try to fix a lawn chair that had collapsed earlier. so he puts it into its normal position, though the chair legs are still broken, and decides to climb on top of it- it collapses again and we fucking crack up for like 10 minutes straight. And when the chair is flat on the floor, the friend decides to pass out, laying on it. lmao.

    yes, drunk people are fuckin hilarious when you're baked.
  8. Sometimes when I'm high and around drunk people I just laugh at them...and usually end up drinking myself haha :smoke:
  9. Alcohol and weed mix brillantly they both seem to hit you so much harder whenn you mix em. Or smoke till your out then just drink till your next pick up
  10. Well it depends what you mean by mixing alcohol and weed.
    A few beers and some bong rips is fine..
    But if you mean actually getting hammered, like 12+ beers...uh, that does not mix with weed at all - it will make you spin and feel nauseous.
  11. Once I have a few tokes I pretty much need a drink.

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