Drunk on Thursday, you got a problem?

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. yea i got the day off tomorrow cuz of my broken arm haha ondrugz wins again

    im wasted off a 12pack of budweiser anybody else got booze in their system?
  2. About to. Everyone's showing up at 8, we're picking up the liquor at 8:30, back here at 9... after that, time has a tendency of slowing down.

  3. im bout to be drinkin cuz u reminded me i got alcohol and no pot LOL
  4. Considering it, but I don't like drinking alone.

    All my friends now live over an hour away. It makes life real boring.
  5. I get to spend all night at work tonight inserting newspapers sections into newspapers. By hand.

    I'm really pondering how much better that might be if I were drunk, but I think I'd fall asleep. :(
  6. just as i was reading this, i was looking at this bulletin from this girl on my myspace:

    "i jyst waanted to let you know im so runk & high and hormy tryt bnnow i woulrd do""do"do ne one ryt now."

    She's one of my bester friends younger sister.

    So, I'm not drunk (I personally don't like drinking unless at a party or with girls) but i did have a few beers. Yuengling Dark and Tans ftw.
  7. I remember having to help my friend do that for his paper route when we were like 13.

    Whats the big deal? You're really a 13 year old girl with a paper route, aren't you?


    Seriously though, why?
  8. just cuz your alone dont mean you cant drink rasta, gone head and pour yourself a shot of what ever you got

    get drunk wit me man
  9. Not alcohol today, I stll got a few bowls left. Tomorrow though... budwiser time.

  10. Sometimes the papers at work are too fucked up to run through the machine that does the inserting, so someone has to do it by hand. Beings how I have elbow and knee issues, I only do light duty there. So whenever something like that comes up, it's all me.

    I don't mind it though, inserting goes by slow, but its not like it isn't easy.

    I'd rather be stuffing envelopes or making boxes though, it goes by so much faster...
  11. Haha trust me, I don't have a problem with it. I just do it too regularily though, I'm slowly turning into an alcoholic.

    Especially considering this insanely long cannabis-drought i've been experiencing (nearly two months now)

    Booze is my only crutch.
  12. im not rasta_man but wat the hell...."crack,splash"....budwieser opens....chuuuuugggggg,gone!man i hate the taste of nasty ass beer....

  13. nice, enjoy bro i actually like budweiser
  14. lol i cant enjoy beer....taste like shit and takes a long time to get DRUNK!thats y absolute citrus vodka with tampico is the shit!lol

    budwieser is one of the better tasting beers, but i prefer mickies
  15. fuck man i'm gonna drink one with my fellow grasscity members! I got like 5 budwisers just sitting in my mini fridge :)

    *twists cap*
  16. this thread is gna be full of drunk ganja smokers with no pot, thats y we drunk....well thats y i am atleaast...
  17. budwiser tastes alright, not much of a beer man. I used to drink steel reserve (211) all fucking day when I was younger but I guess i'm starting to grow out of it since I got pot. Pot doesn't make me yakk when I drink too much lol.
  18. Damn I haven't been drunk in awhile to be honest...parentals going out of town for the week, Sat.-Thurs are gonna be a great days :bongin::rolleyes::):D:hello::smoking:
  19. Bud's good brew in my book.

    I aient drank since sunday.

    But poundin a Camo Silver Ice 40 now.
  20. I'm goin out tonight like pretty much everynight...been smoking bud all day driving around to friend's places and after I finish this bowl I'm headin over to a buddy's place to pregame and play some beer pong before we hit the bars. Only shitty thing is that I have to cook pizzas from 11:00am to midnight tomorrow haha ouch..at least I'll have a couple grams of headies to smoke while I'm there to help with the normal hangover and pass the time.

    Also bought a kegerator today (6 months old from a friend) for $120..split it between me and 6 friends that I'm living with starting in a week or so in our new house...hell yea we're thinking about having an 8 kegger to kick off the new semester when everyone returns from the summer

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