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drunk off wine

Discussion in 'General' started by plumface_2002, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. is it possible to get drunk off of wine? will you through up or any shit like that. i rarely drink, so forgive my ignorence. its 15% alchohol by volume, so that would make it 30 proof, the stuff i usually drink is 60 proof, so couldnt i just drink double of what i normally do?
  2. haha yea, just have to nail down that trick of pissing and chugging at the same time.

  3. Wine defintely offers a nice buzz. Id like to think of it as a romantic buzz. I sometimes solve the worlds problems when I drink wine. But often forget to write them down, or write them down coherent enough to be able to decifer them the next day. Dont forget if your drinking a nice red, to let the wine breathe, unlocking the hidden flavors! ;) :D
  4. haha, i got a chuckle out of that.

    well, ill give it a go. i hope i dont throw up though, because im currently at my grandparent, and they will flip if i throw up.
  5. You can get drunk off of any kind of alcohol buddy. just because you normally drink something thats 60 proof, doesnt mean you should drink dbl the amount of wine to get that drunk, lol. every kind of alcohol produces a different type of buzz from what ive experienced. wine always makes me a happy laughing drunk, beer always a social drunk, and it depends what kind of hard A im drinking for what kind of fucked up I get. 1 thing I KNOW though, whiskey gets me the most fucked up out of all of them. any kind of whiskey
  6. yahts tru erbo. wihisky always does fuck you up real hared, well ia m pretty hammerd off drinking some wine, and its peretty cool\. it is a happy dking of being drunk and i likeit.
  7. hahaha.
    what kind of wine did ya have?
  8. awww man i dont memebr i thourhg the label away. it was just some cheap ass shit. or at least i hope it was, cuz i just tokok it and opened it. man though, wine tastes like shit. i dont see how people could drink that for enjoyment. it just tastes like ibitter shit. if it was steet that would be dank. iw as thinking about adding shurag and try it but i am too fucking lazy for that kind of shit. it was harder for me to get down they hard alochol though.
  9. Haha, you gotta appreciate wine over time, and you will grow to love it.

    I love wine, probably prefer red over white. Italy has the nicest wine you could get, while I was there on holiday, we got quite a few of the local bottle, which have no added preservatives whatsoever. They are simpyl sealed with wax, and are not to be stored for long. But it tastes so so nice, the smoothest and richest taste ever.
  10. just get some vodka ;) that'll solve your..... .. .. problems......for only like 14 15 bucks (or just get some golden grain...god dammit....)

    sorry i'm hangover'n still from last night.....fuck....

    Steam Will Rise
  11. Isn't md 20/20 and t-bird wine? Me and my friends got drunk on them back in the day.

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