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Drunk high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thelizardkin, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Ok the other day I bought a j off one of my friends it was my first j actually so me and 3 other guys smoke it and it destroys us like they were telling me how good it was and stuff and when It hit me I felt drunk and so did another guy who did it anyone felt drunk after smoking
  2. First j?
    It's called being stoned.
  3. No words describe this thread any better than; TROLL :wave:
  4. So whats the question here
  5. its a special bud called drinkers delight its a crazy special strain of MMJ its a mix of grape seeds and bud it gets u drunk bro it can only grow in the climates of southern africa u got some dank shit on ur hands
  6. Sorry that doesn't make much sense I'm high what I'm asking is has anyone else felt drunk after smoking I think it was some weird strain I've never smoked anything like it
  7. they take seeds from grapes and dank marijuana seeds (the marijuana strain is oogle boogle berry i believe) and genetically modify them in a lab, where they basically merge the two seeds together to get a marijuana seed that gets you drunk and super high its crazy man
  8. some potent strains will throw off your depth perception giving you maybe a drunk feeling..


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