Drunk dude just fell from 3 stories UP! PICS!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by root2vest, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. OK so i go downtown to get a slice of pizza, im chiilin out front the shop and all of a sudden we here a thump come from over where the bar is located across the street. There is a dude lying on the sidewalk screaming for help and another dude walks over and starts yelling then the bouncers run over other people, and someone screams 911.. im like holy:eek: what happened :confused_2:

    So after a bit when we walked over and started chatting with people this other guy that was on the patio below said the guy fell from the top patio of the bar which is like 3-4 stories high, like iunno, but its high! (so am I btw :smoke:)

    so yea, pretty scary story, not sure if he'll be ok, he couldnt move and they paramedics worked pretty intensely.. drunk fuck..lol
  2. Shitty iPhone pics. top patio where he fell from is above those trees

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  3. You just witnessed someone possibly die and you act so casual about it and even say "lol"? Wtf mang
  4. well he didnt die and im sure he'll be ok, he was drunker than ever.

    and Ive witnessed alot worse many times before, so yea lol wtf mang
  5. thats why i smoke weed and not drink =)

  6. exactly, i was actually going to mention something like this in op, like you never here of a baked dude killing a family because of impaired driving, or hitting his wife or falling off a building,
  7. damn i have no how idea how id react to his. probably also lol. "hey look! a guy just fell off the roof! lulz!"

  8. ya man, of course my first reaction was :eek: OMG like my heart was pounding, I was no longer baked, I was worried, scary shit, but once i figured shit out i was like baha that guy just fell off there.
  9. guess he really wanted to get on someone else's level

    ba dump dump chshshshshshshsh

  10. LOL :hello:
  11. lmao i had a friend who fell off a 2 story building and broke his leg when he was faded as fuck hahaha and another party i went, there was a door that leads to the roof and some dumb ass went thru that door and walked off the patio hahahaha
  12. the alcohol probably caused his fall and saved his life, since hes body was more bendable he absorbed the impact better

    and fyi im very drunkand high
  13. That guy... Is gonna have a frickin amazing story to tell when he gets out of the hospital. I'm almost jealous.
  14. I recently had a friend who got drunk at his graduation party and was puking off of a three story balcony and fell over the edge. He was in a coma for a week and he barely survived. Just got out of the hospital. One of my best fucking friends

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