Drunk and do something stupid? Just sue!

Discussion in 'General' started by RipperOfBongs, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Wow it's stories like this that make me sick. Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Cos. for $1B - Yahoo! News

    I mean I know it's a frivalous lawsuit that has no shot of winning but come on now no wonder our country is in the shitter. I'm still in disbelief at the audacity that these guys have/ the general blame others mentality of this country. /endrant :smoking:
  2. Man, now I'm gonna sue Coors for child support...the beer that birthed a baby.

  3. hahaha.. I have had some times with Coors original.. fuck "silver bullets" though, nasty.
  4. That's 'Murica for you.

    Where nobody wants to own up and take responsibility for anything they do, and the legal system nearly allows it.
  5. The brown can?

  6. The Gold can...Banquet beer....Homer Simpson: ummmmmmmm beeeeeer
  7. Yea the brown is original, silver is the coors light

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