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Drum sets are excellent stash hiding places-(For any drummers on here)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mariajuana, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I've been looking for a place to hide my stash and I realized that the drum set in my room has several great hiding places. Especially if you are the only person that places drums in your house.

    1.- Bass drum: If the bass drum head has a hole in it (for a microphone) you can put anything from a pipe to a massive bong in there with easy access, and since you should have blankets and stuff in there anyways anything you keep your shit in blends in very well. If it doesn't have a hole you can still stash stuff in there but it will take a little bit longer to access it, but it would be safer.

    2.- Hi-Hats: I currently have a pipe and a small jar in between my hi-hats, any set of rock hi-hats should have enough space for a medium sized stash in between the two cymbals.

    3.- Pedals: Put a small stash under the bass drum pedal or the hi-hat pedal. Just make sure you pull it out whenever you're gonna play. (Not as hidden as the previous two spots)

    I don't know if there are many drummers on here, but I just thought I'd share my discoveries.:smoke:
  2. Cool ideas. Loved the hi-hat idea. Here are some more.

    Most drum thrones (except for the fancy ones with gas lift) can be disassembled by removing the pin and pulling the seat straight up. That leaves the hollow vertical section where the seat goes. (I'm not sure what it's called, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.) As long as you don't lower the seat all the way, you can fit small stuff in there. But be careful, because it it's not closed at the bottom, it will just fall right out, and if it IS closed at the bottom, it could get stuck.

    If your toms mount into your kick drum, you can tie a string to a bag and stuff it down through the hole where they mount and leave it dangling inside your kick drum.

    And if your floor tom has a resonant head, you can tape stuff to the bottom of it and nobody will see it. If it doesn't have a reso head, you can tape stuff inside.
  3. hahahah, love the dangling string idea!

    yeah, i know what your talking about with the drum throne if I had a fancy one that would be a good spot too.
  4. You shouldn't need a fancy one. Every cheap throne I've seen does it. Sometimes the seat itself will pop off too, but if you pull on the part that slides down inside (the adjustable piece), it should come straight out after your remove the pin.
  5. ah yes, i just checked and it does, it's a small space but perfect for hiding a small stash in a bag or something and a small pipe or hitter, there is no bottom but a piece of tape could be put at the bottom so it doesn't fall out, and just take it off when you wanna toke it up!
  6. If I had to hide it, I would do this lol. The bass drum is a given, good ideas man.
  7. I do all of these things, prior to seeing this thread. Good minds think alike, right on man!

    -Stoned kid
  8. Cool ideas... I've never thought about stashing anything in my drums before :)
  9. Nice avatar and signature, fuckin LOVE Breaking Bad!
  10. You could just tape your stash on the underside of the throne, basically to the the underside of anything. I would just find it a pain to have to re-tune all my heads after taking them off and putting them back on.
    But the inside of the hi-hats and throne idea is money.

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