Drum roll please!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. FOR MY 900TH POST!

    i'm not missing this one, 100 to go till we can add another zero, and this milestone shows how much u guys have helped coz im still here, i want to you all to have a smoke for me lol

    hmm maybe this call for a bowl for me too :D
  2. good job. i think i still have a little ways to go...peace
  3. you'll get there, i stoped coming for a while but i couldnt help but come back :D
  4. yeah im hoping i will be too.

    but im keeping my eye on it so i can make you hear about it and take a screen shot of it, lol thats how much i love the city :D, i guess thats why it hurts so bad to see ppl leave and argue. i guess what im trying to say is, I LOVE YOU ALL, in a plutonic(sp?) way of couse
  5. congrats on 900
  6. how comes no1s dancing?

  7. i go for a few weeks and look what happens?!

    i come back and look like a freak :p
  8. I smoking 1 for ya there.
    I should get off my ass and post more but that would mean I have to sit down. And when I sit down with my bong I dont get up for a while. so yeah sitting down its not a wise idea for me cuz then I want to lie down andthen nothinggets done.

    Im wasted.:smoking:

  9. dude i know how u feel

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