Druids Fantasy Trip Report!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by VoodooBud, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Ok first off if you dont know what druids fantasy is, see this thread

    They came in today, I was a little miffed because it said "Herbal Highs" on the envelope, maybe im paranoid but when your in that business the key word is "DISCREET" legal or no.

    I have 5 packs, each comes with six little green capsules

    It is current 5:20 PM and I havent eaten anything all day except my morning meds and drinking soda. Im a little worried about the reaction they might have with my zolloft/welbutrin (if anyone can dispel these worries with some usefull info theres some rep in it for you).

    anyway, I have them in a dixie cup and am about to dose, I will report back as the trip goes on.

    take it easy GC
  2. 6:06, feeling slighlty altered, things had a rosey hue for about a microsecond, I'm so hungry I havent eaten all day...Im wondering if its ok to eat....or will that fuckup my trip?
  3. Dunno. Never tried it out.
    If I were you, I'd give yourself another 15 minutes.
    If the trip/high/whatever you're expecting to get outta this doesn't strengthen, then prolly call it quits.
    Non the less you gotta eat some food sometime. Maybe smoke a bowl to help the tripping/whatever process on a lil.
    Note: I don't know shit about Druids Fantasy, I'm just trying to help
  4. I appreciat the help, still feeling like something is slowly onsetting, Some trip reports I read said give it like 2 hours n itll kick in, I havent eaten all day and im so hungry, but im gonna tough it out. After a while you forget your hungry

    I wish I had a bowl to smoke....thatd prolly just make me more hungry
  5. If I were you I'd eat an orange or banana or something so you can have some healthy vitamins and stuff but not a full belly.
  6. Hey man, I'd probably eat a banna. NOT orange because of the acids, if it does react funny oranges or citric acid seems to burn comming up. Not that I think that'd happen. banna or apple probably....

    Oh shit I forgot... It's not gonna fuck with your meds. Don't trip, my homies a doctor and I just asked him. Your all good my brother.
  7. Do you feel it yet?
  8. nothing. 12:06 but i admit I broke and had dinner, I'm going to try again tomorrow, break open the capsules and take with liquid,perhaps they will absorb faster ill let you know how it goes

    a friend of mine said zolloft can dull the effects of lsd, and probably lsa this maybe complete bullshit but is there any validity to this?
    (hey smokentoke maybe ask your friend? btw thanks for the info!)

    kind of dissapointed...but i havent given up hope yet...
  9. keep us posted!
  10. Take how many it says to, and if your not feeling it maybe take 2 next time. Haven't had experience with lsa, but i heard it can be a little odd.
  11. yea that thing you freind told you is true. Anti- depresents counteract the effects of lsd by regulating the ammount of seritonin your brain produces. LSA also effects the levels of seretonin in you brain so i assume the effect would be simmaler. Ive always know anti depresents to be a good way to end a bad trip but ive never tried it as i dont drop acid.
  12. well the offical statement was I didnt trip, but im on anti depressents, so dont completely take my word for it.

    I think some day Ill stop taking them, anyway peace out blades
  13. ive been off my anti-depressants for about a week an half now I Heard it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for it to completely clear out of your system, I will try yet again and report my findings.
  14. i wouldnt worry too much, but it does say on the site not to mix with anti-depression meds. which those are. but im on welbutrin and im gonna try this shit. i dont really care.
  15. i believe the only thing to worry about with ssri's is maoi (mono amine oxidase inhibitors)
    ive never heard of druids fantasy but im checkin that link out now :) cheers
  16. I know that seroquel is used to stop acid trips
  17. Ohhh my god. This thread is OLD! Hehe, aww. That had to be one of my first few posts. Little pink. Awww.

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