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  1. ok i need to pass a drug test in about 3 hours so i was hoping someone could tell me how i coul get it out buy then i drank 1 cup of pickle juice last night do u think i woul be clean help please i need to know right away.

    ps:i havent smoked sense saturday but i smoked about a joint a day all last week and week before ive been drinking lots of water help if u could

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    I may be to late answering this......

    You have a better chance of passing piss test by (not taking one),,but since you must ,,drinking lots of water will help,,but only if you have not consumed cannabis for at least a week prior to the test,,,,there are many factors involved in increasing you chances of passing,,,,,,get much good advise from....http://www.norml.org....good luck

  3. If it was me. I would see about running to some store that sold those drinks that are 'guaranteed' to cleanse your system. I still dont know if it would help but it might. Good luck.

  4. fill a condom with your girlfriends pee and hide it in your pants(impress the girls)release the pee when doing the test and just hope she aint pregers.
    Do they check for this at these tests,i dont know im a chef and they usually expect you to be stoned:).
  5. I have used a product called XXXClean.....it worked for me. I have a friend who tried it and failed.....I'm not sure if he followed the directions.

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