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  1. How true. If you make an informed mature decision as an adult to do what you want, it's all good. As long as you keep it good. Definitely, allow kids to spread their wings, first, to get a sampling of life, so that they can make a mature, well-informed decision when they get older.


  2. Okay i aint havin a go at anyone I am just trying to make a point to you so you can understand the side effects of acid and what it can lead to. I aint gonna waste my time here because you just don't listen to what people have to say.

  3. Let me be CLEAR, when I state that Mickey T. can come across as abrasive!! But if you can fight your natural urge to "bow-up" and READ his replies, you'll understand he is making some valid points, expressing CARE!

    Stevie, you've stated that you are in-experianced, so how "swift" can you be? What kind of trip are you going to have? Who knows?GREAT I hope!! You said you'll have "a" friend to watch you,....did you read ganjaphish's reply??Just how many friends will you need to "help" you if you have a bad trip,Who knows!! That's what finally ended my "Trippin'" days, was the complete UNCERTAINITY of my trip. I tripped for a number of years, with NO bad experiances, but I witnessed numerous bad trips of friends. Had one friend jump off a 40' embankment, convinced he could fly, broke both legs, and his collar-bone! Saw a BEAUTIFUL girl claw her face to RIBBONS, while 5 guys tried to hold and calm her!! Saw another friend TOTALLY destroy a pool-room,severly injuring himself and 2 older customers(one was a 53yr old WOMAN!) and it took all 3 of us that were with him, plus 2 policemen to get him "under control"!!

    I agree you have the right to subject YOUR body to ANY experiance you want, but you must accept FULL resposibility for what may happen!! Which can be really hard to do, when faced with not knowing for sure WHAT may happen!

    That's why I stay away from any non-organic drug these days, seems to work well for me personally.

    Live your life to the fullest, experiance whatever you choose,but be SURE, that in doing so, you have NO negative effect on others! :smoking:
  4. I think cowboysaxman says it best. I hope I didn't come off with a "don't do drugs" tone - what you put in your body is your decision. I am amazed at how healthy and sound-minded I came through after my lengthy bout of experimentation with a large list of narcotics. I've decided personally it's no longer worth the risk.

    Reread cowboysaxman's post above ~ he makes alot of sense here! If you are mature enough, and willing to take responsibility for anything you may do while high on acid or whatever drug, just keep in mind that anything beyond moderation can be dangerous, and potentially fatal. Even moderation can be a risk, so be careful and keep yourself informed.
  5. Thank you Cowboy, Ganja, and yes Mickey for your guidance. I'm sorry I guess its just my vibe but around here we dont tolerate letting others down your name without reason and I just reacted the way I would on the street. I'm fairly sure you 3 are all older then me so I do honestly take your advice to heart. I still plan on using for one reason.."The greatest risk is not taking one"
  6. Stevie, once again you've proved you've got a good "tude"!! And I too believe that failure to take a risk, can make for a great loss! But having a lot of experiance, I also fear for friends that take too many!!!! LOL :D

    Just try to be as careful, and prepared as you can, NEVER trip if your not in the right mood!! And don't let peer pressure make you do something your uncomfortable with. I know you seem like a strong enough person to avoid this, but hey, it happens to all of us at times, regardless of what we tell others!!! lol

    Be careful and Personally research whatever you put in your body, as some of that shit can KILL you or make your babies be born all naked and shit!! LOL :D :D :D
  7. NAKED BABIES?!?!?!

    Not from my sperm..no siree
  8. Cheers saxman for explaing to the rest of the gang what I can be like...I don't mean to come across as a hard faced bastard but I often do, all I wanted is for you to understand the risks of acid as I don't want you to end up in big trouble or even worse dead. Glad to hear that you now understand stevie.

    Take Care All

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