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    This kind of has to do with legalization, although thats not why i'm writing it so hopefully this is not in the wrong section.

    Maybe im just really gone because i've been high and sick for a few days now but. I think it is morally wrong to make drugs illegal. If a cop sees some guy smoking crack he shouldn't arrest him for it. If anything it makes more sense to try and help people who do drugs then to lock them up. Because its not like the cop caught the guy killing some lady because he was ON crack. If drugs aren't making someone a dangerous person, then the only concern is that the drug is HURTing them. And if it's hurting them you should help them and not lock them away because of it. I think for posession of drugs people should get required counselling and then if thats not enough then it's there life they can do as they choose.

    or maybe it's already like that, i don't even know. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. Your rights end where another's begins...and apparently others have the right to decide what you do to your body.:rolleyes:
  3. i totally agree. just like they teach us in school, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, with one exception, were just gonna tell you what to do and we dont care what you think. i do se why some drugs are illegal, because (SOME) stupid dont know how to mind their own business and/or not do stupid things while on them. and i hat those stupid ass people. they ruin it for the rest of us who just want to enjoy ourselves and know how to do it properly. on that thought, i think there are way too many fucking people in this world, especially the stupid ones. but not to get off subject. its the stupid people who go around boasting that they just smoked a blunt or just took 5 hits of acid. and i do agree that you do stupid things on drugs, but i can never understand how people can knowingly get behind the wheel of a car when they know they cant drive or jump off a building thinking that they can fly. i do do things on drugs that i dont do sober, but i still have a fucking brain and know what i can and cant do.

    so basically to me stupid people= illegalization
    just my 2 cents
  4. well my point i would like to make is....
    if you can grow it in your own back yard... and it is believed to be a product of "God"... why would they think they have the right to make it illeagal?

    there are plants that are so poisonous, a group of boy scouts used the branches of one of these trees to cook hot dogs over a fire, and they all died of poison.

    and to think we used to have one of these trees legally growing in our back yard.

    and to think that a plant that is harmless...
    and just happens to make you happy when lit on fire....
    and even has good medical qualities....

    can get you sent to prison.

    is this not a shame?
  5. Your placement of caps reveals your misjudgement. Humans are social beings and the multiplication of stupidity is bad; therfore, idiots should be removed from society. Counseling is the result of probation after arrests. Law enforcement is for our benefit and if you can't handle your shit then you should be confined with some time to reflect on why you got caught. I prefer preemption over the death/injury to innocents by deludes in psychosis, under the influence of hardcore drugs

    New legislation should be passed to prevent anymore arrests/seizures of dank plantations
  6. The reasoning is that it is immoral to let somebody endanger themself, what you are saying, that people should be able to do whatever they want with their life, is tantamount to saying it's okay to let people commit suicide.
  7. right...or not enforcing the use of a seatbelt

    Seclusion is the answer to selfish wants
  8. marijuana is not self-endangerment

  9. I disagree. There is no reason for government to make any substance illegal. The government's modern mandate is to ensure people get what they NEED. Nothing else. The government is at best a necessary evil... at worst, Congress.
  10. Laws is the goverments way of trying to control the people. Being overly fat or skinny poses many health risk which can result in immediate or timed death, this is perfectly fine. Using or abusing a substance that can result in the same consequences but it is not alright. Your life is like a game, we make our choices, and pay the price when we brake the rules.
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    According to who....and why? lmao

    I dont like crack/cokeheads to mention the least. ppl cant establish order themselves, the biggest attempt was religion and look at the mess that effort caused.

    Do people really need drugs? or do they NEED clarity (to function optimally, which is a concensus amongst society for the cultivation of mankind and the earth)?
  12. So you're saying smoking pot is tantamount to killing yourself? If someone has no desire to live anymore and wants to kill themselves, I'll load the gun. More polluted air for my lungs. I know some people think that all life is sacred, but they're wrong.
  13. Define sacred. haha

    all life pressumably came from a single source, who's denying the existance of worthless/useless things/people?

    smoking dank is not going to kill you
  14. I can't. I'm agnostic you know. :D
  15. WhachootalkinboutWillis? ...oh yea lol will you settle for all life being essential?
    DAmn, can't find the quote i wanted to post, but i'll find it later, gotta catch the bus!
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