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  1. We all do them or try em but i feel like i need a break.

    me and my boy had a down to earth conversation on drugs (while on 5 hits of LSD each) and we talking bout how were always fucked up all the time. if your not tripping your high, if your not high your rolling, not rolling your jammed, not jammed your drunk, etc

    i feel like its time to stop for now because i have learned a lot from drug use and everyday of my life i seem like im not going to far and im fucked up everyday.

    going to cut back on the bud to. to get my life straightened out i want to get a better paying job anyways, so ill be clean for a while i quit cigarettes so i feel like i can quit everything for now. my brain and body need a good break.

    does anyone else feel like theyre just wasting away getting fucked up all the time?

    peace, and good vibes:cool:
  2. If you can control it then I think everything is fine. I see what your saying though and it's good your taking a t break since you get high everyday.

    what's being jammed?
  3. That's a good decision man!

    I was just thinking yesterday that we're only taught to "say no to drugs", we're never taught how to use drugs responsibly.

    I'd be far better to know what each drug can do (the good and the bad) and how to get the good out of them without putting our lives or our careers at risk. So instead we experiment by ourselves and that's really quite a risky thing to do.

    Like this guy had the balls to say, there's nothing wrong with responsible use:

    GL man!! Maybe you can move onto advocating for the legal sale of marijuana.
  4. good luck, get your shit straight if that's what you need to do.
  5. percocet, oxys
  6. stay away from oxy man, shit fucks u up.
  7. Goof for you man, lots of respect here i'm sure it's not easy staying off them...best of luck
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    Hey Amster.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNSlpftizbE"]YouTube - O'Reilly Pwned on drugs[/ame]

    Good shit.

    @ OP.

    Good for you, bro'. Glad you can pace yourself like that.

    Just take it easy and when you're ready, go for it.
  9. Mhmm i belive that weed i consume that most is not dangerous with the right way of use the other things i guess i would quit to because smoking clean good weed is not dangerous but drinking mutch and the chemical stuff thats not so find i think better became completly green my opinion to that :) but respekt to that too :)
  10. god, i hate bill o reilly so much. if i had the chance i would knock the shit out of him.
  11. I understand what your saying, and have had pretty much the same feeling. Fortunately it seems like every time I start to wonder if I'm getting fucked up to much I stop wanting the stuff as much. I'll still smoke/drink/rail etc. but I just don't feel like I need it as much for a period of time (Sacks of pretty much everything will last much, MUCH longer than they used to), which is pretty much the break I was looking for.
  12. thats why i dont do drugs, just smoke weed. pills and powders are a no-no, if it grows in the earth, its fine. i think thats from a movie or something...:smoking:

    best of luck bro, you can do it
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