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  1. Anyone notice almost all drugs are unpleasent to ingest/take.

    I can only think of pills being easy, mainly precription because you just swallow.

    but everything else coke - burning nose, H - NEEDLES!, meth- glass dick haha with strong smoke, marijuana - smoke tht smells and burning for the first few time, and alchol - tastes like shit.

    sorry if tht didn\'t make sense im shit faced right now lololol.

    what do you think iss the easiest drug to take/do
  2. i dont know man i love smoking weed
  3. I think you love being high.
    because if you \"love smoking weed\" then you wouldn\'t mind if you got high or not.
  4. No I don\'t think so.

    Snorting drugs = amazing no matter which een 2c-e. I love the burn feeling.

    smoking is very pleasant.

    injectng whats wrong with that? Im scared of needles so ive only done it a couple times but junkies love the feeling of a needle in there arm.

    Mushrooms? they taste good imo.

    So no I don\'t agree.
  5. I consider the Marijuana cough and burn a pleasant reminder that I\'m actually smoking the jane. IMO, oregano and other fake non drug shit burns a lot more and tastes a lot worse. EDIT: Ever smoke green tea?

    Shrooms too, their taste is earthy as hell but very calming - sort of like walking into a warm, empty log cabin after a grueling five day trek through a blizzard.
  6. alright ill branch out more.

    most sythetic man made drugs are a pain in the ass (YOU SHOUL:DN\"T BE pLUGGING THEM :p) to take lmao
  7. blazing is pretty damn easy.....so is drinking...and pharmies are also very easily done
  8. oh ya I forgot

    the only NASTY drug is cigarettes to smoke and drinking alcohol is fucken disgusting imho.

    I can\'t stand alcohol and it\'s all horrible tasting and everything about it sucks but eerything else im down for.
  9. achol pwns but taste makes me wanta puke
  10. acid is tasteless :D
  11. Nah, I\'d probably smoke weed even if it didn\'t get me high. The act of smoking is so relaxing to me, and I fucking love the taste.
  12. Agreed for sure.
  13. Yeah I definitely like the process of smoking as well as the gettin high part.
  14. oh shiiiiiittt son amagine if tobacco got you high and weed was addictive and didn\'t get you high haha
  15. weed tastes and smells great, LSD can be put on sugar cubes
  16. yea alcohal pretty much tastes like rubbing alcohal, but i do enjoy the taste of captain morgan. and beer is pretty refreshing too.

  17. Ya beer and yuo may laugh but sour puss i oj is SO good, I like it bc it doesn\'t taste of alcohol at all but it is and the drink is just soo good.
  18. I love smoking weed. Pills aren\'t bad, and snorting stuff can be fun, but snorting does suck in ways. Never done meth, I watched my stepmom die from it, so I\'m just gunna stay away from that shit. And alcohol does taste like ass.
  19. taste of a grape dutch & some dank ganji is the best start to a killer high. smokin is part of the reason i like gettin high so much.
  20. I don\'t know about you but I like the taste of a lot of alcohol, and I LOVE the smell of some dank weed.. don\'t know about the some of the other stuff there, mushrooms taste like shit, and the couple tabs of acid I\'ve had didn\'t bother me at all.
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