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Drugs That dont...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ToKeN NiNja, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. show up on Piss tests.....sup ppl havnt been on here in u guys know wat drugs dont show on piss tests??? i know shrooms show up as food poisining...i was woundering if valume shows? thanx

    --The True NiNja.
  2. That depends on what they are looking for..

    If some one is doing a full drug test, for like health cards for the CDL then it will..

    Some drug test, they are looking for just the normal drugs people take and not prescription.. Others they are looking for everything..

    I had a friend of mine go for a drug test for a job... He was taking a prescription medication for sinus.. They told him that he failed the drug test. He asked why, and when they told him, he asked if he could furnish them with a dr's prescription. They said yes and he got the job..

    It's hard to say what they will test for unless we know why they are testing in the first place!
  3. some people get codein for prescription, and codein is an opiate (opium, heroin, morphine etc)

    so on a test it would show up that they've been using heroin.

  4. LSD wont show up.
  5. alcohol is a good one as long as you're not drinking right before your drop, I think lsd and shrooms should be safe (not sure). I've never heard of a test designed to find those.
  6. there are tests for lsd and mushrooms

    at my old school, they had a tests which tested for all the major illegal drugs.

    i think that you have only been able to test for LSD for a couple of years.

    before, you would have to get a spinal tap which is of course not very good and not very legal
  7. valium isnt really tested for comonly, so if its just a small job/parent drug test they probably wont check for it. It only stays in your system for a week anyways...

    lsd CAN be tested for, but no one uses them...
  8. you can always go for the legal hallucinagines like 2c-I and other 2c's
  9. Well LSD is 95% out of your system in 8-10 hours after ingestion so I think itd be hard to trip someone up on that.
  10. I eat shrooms all the time and pass my piss tests. They don't show up.

  11. Plus, we're talking about micrograms of the drug. Very little amount, which clears out of your system super fast.
  12. NUTMEG!

    hahaha, i think i'm the only person who can stomache the taste though. It does work for me though. Chew up 6-7 fresh nuts around noon and a couple hours later I have a short term memory span shorter than a goldfish and high as a kite. Good luck ignoring the taste though, its total mind over matter.
  13. ketamine.... reason being, your avg drug test can't detect it and when they do test you for it ( which they usually don't because its so expensive) its usually out of your system in time....

    though i would not recommend using any illegal substances... :D
  14. One word...SALVIA
  15. OXYCODONE...
  16. i know dxm wont show up....but its possible it could come up as a false positive for opiates.....i know this because my friend was tested and tested positive for opiates, but he was tested right when he woke up the next day so he probablly had tons of shit in his piss. as long as you wait at least a few hours you should be fine
  17. dxm shouldn't show up as an opiate...maybe an amphetamine tho (i think?)
  18. i really want to get this strait with everyone

    you can be drug tested for everything

    only by a test called gc/ms where they breakdown all the shit in your piss/blood/plasma and put in a specific chemical to look for and if it finds it your fucked.

    dont worrie about your local business or parents using this method. these test run upwards of $300
  19. i know for a fact that mescaline can not be tested for at all.the protiens break down in your system and go right to your brain, the rest of it you vomit out.there is no drug test or chemical that can pick it up
  20. Are you sure about Oxycodone? I'm in PC1000 and I'm pretty sure they do GC/MS tests and I thought Oxy was an opiate

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