Drugs show peoples true colors sometimes

Discussion in 'General' started by Dickie4:20, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hey whats up everyone Dickie here. So like lately my "friends" have been really stupid. They have been on like a 2 wk bender, doing cocaine, crack and oxycotin. Lately I havent really had the desire to be around them while they are doing that stuff, not to say that i never have. I havent really heard from them lately and today out of the blue one of them calls me up. We talk for a lil while and finally he asks me " Dude you got any trees"? You know that feeling that someone is just talking to you so you can hook them up? Well yeah i got that feelin right away. I told him i did not. Later i went to his house to just chill. Like 20 min after i got there he said he was leavin to go somewhere that is notorious for crack cocaine. I left and came home... i was like FUCK that shit. Just about to smoke some of the weed i got but i was just wondering what u guys think. Do you know ppl like this? If so are they your friends, and if they are what do in situations like this? I believe they are good ppl when they are off these drugs but i just dont know what to do.. i dont want to start gbettin involved in shit like that again. To me its just so lame and a waste of $$... plus it usually makes ppl act dum. So what do u guys think/?? Thanks for the advice and keep it real!

    PS: I love beein able to ask intelligent ppl like urselfs on GC! Its awesome!:)
  2. Find some new friends?

    idk man, dont get caught up in that shit, it does nothing but ruin lives
  3. yeah dude, ditch them motherfuckers before they get your name caught up in some shit.

    they have already fallen off on all that shit and they WILL bring others down with them.
  4. It's fun the first time around, but not something you should keep going back too, I'd start calling up some different friends to chill with. Hopefully your mates will come around, but chances are it'll take a while and they'll fuck alot of shit up in the process.
  5. Yeah man..... gotta agree.....it's time to say goodbye to your friends...or if you really consider them friends, get em help!

    Nothing good come from crack man!!! Worse case scenerio: You die, Best case scenerio: You live, lose all your teeth and get a job at a half way house preaching to others why they shouldn't be using crack! Either way, they both suck!!!!

    Anyway, you made a good decision by going home and smokin yourself up!
  6. Thanks a lot guys, i think its great to get other ppls input on these kinds of things i def need new friends. lol
  7. "a drunk heart speaks a sober mind"
    saw the thread title and thought of that.

    But anyway...Just, think of the reasons you're friends with those people. Is it because you smoke with them, or because of their personalities? I luckily have some great friends who I can chill with and enjoy interacting with regardless of intoxication.
  8. You forgot the high.

    And seriously, you sound like a damn anti-drug ad.

    Sure crack sucks, but if you want to experience it once it ain't gonna kill you. Not everybody's weak-minded and falls to addiction. As for the topic starter's friends; sounds like they are fucking themselves up.
  9. No, I don't hang around with people like that, my friend will not go near that shit, and if people are doing it, he's out. He's a good friend, he'll call me sometimes to just chill or sometimes he'll call to smoke. I don't like chilling though, I always say I can't or I gotta do something, not because I don't like him, just in this town there isn't shit to do.
  10. That's the problem with drugs man. They start to transform people. You could know the smartest, nicest, coolest people in the world who get into shit like crack, and before long, you don't even know who they are anymore. They're not so much themselves as they are turning into the drug they use. It happens all the time, even with pot. How many people have you known who have been pretty intelligent and had a lot going for them who just turned into complete burnouts? I'd find some new friends man, or wait for them to get off this bender they're on.
  11. im in a very similar situation bro..i tried about everything and im finally starting to realize that im better off without that shit...smoke herb and eatg shrooms =)
  12. I have BEEN on drugs like that. I don't do it anymore but I still have friends that do it. I'm sure you have more friends than just the ones that are doing drugs. What I did is first I had to quit hanging out with them for awhile till my addiction wasn't there anymore. Then once I did that I found new people to hang out with. You can still be friends with the people that are doing drugs just don't hang out with them because someday you could get caught up in the mix of all of those horrible drugs you just named. Those kind of drugs will destroy lives and from the sounds of it, you don't want you or your friends to be like this. Hang out with different people for now and see if they grow up a little bit.
  13. Well, please listen to this:

    I got a lot of my close friends into cannabis... I was basically the starter (now everyone smokes daily haha). Well, a few of them started to slip into doing harder drugs for the wrong reasons (drugs like E + coke daily just to get fucked up). If YOU are really their friend try helping them in the right direction! Don't let them slip into a body-destroying addiction! Help them learn the spiritual aspects of drugs, or the social/fun kind (iv done coke and oxy, and theres honostly nothing wrong with doing them on occasion, but your friends need to learn that... moderation). My dad used to always talk about moderation (which I found out later he was always reminding himself to slow down on the toking).

    I almost lost some really good friends, and I don't know about you guys, but real friends are one of the only things i have in this life, and don't plan on losing that.

    Just because a person makes a bad decision, doesn't make them a bad person! That moreso makes them ignorant and they just need guidance... help them out.
  14. Was he trying to buy off you or did he just want you to smoke him out?
  15. I hate when I feel like people use me just for drugs.
  16. Yeah dude what might of worked was like yeah i got some green come over and chill and we can smoke and do things like not smoke crack....but yeah tell them to cut that shit and stick to the weed if they dont be like i dont wanna chill with crack heads man..duece.
  17. Ditch em, Fuck people like that.

    I had a good homie of mine, Weve done put in alot of work together, Get on the rocks, Fucked me over.

    Fuck that noise, Not again.

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