Drugs other than Weed

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What other drugs have you done?

  1. Heroin and/or OxyContins

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  2. Coke and/or Crank

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  3. Shrooms

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  4. LSD and/or LSA seeds

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  5. Ecstacy

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  1. What kind of coke do you guys get? What color? What kind of x-pills have y'all tried? Were they smacked out with anything? Just start talking about other drugs everybody
  2. Well first off, I wouldn't put oxys and heroin together... I've been taking oxys for the past *counts* four years, and know many people who have been doing the same and we're nowhere near the "heroin epidemic stage" that 48hours tried to represent... think about it... these are the same people who told middle america *laughs* about E and showed 'em the girl with the "holes in her brain".

    I've yet to meet anyone who mainlines oxycontin, of course there are quite a few people who do... but hell, a lot of people will shoot anything.

    Oxys are a painkiller... a pill, not anywhere near a heroin level. I've snorted both... they're completely different.

    I've done a lot of E, just about all the big stamps... too many too list, but I'll go through the shit I have now and the shit I've done in the past month (that I bought in mass)

    Mercedes Rounds (red, blue)
    Ying-Yang Rounds (pinks)
    Middle Cut Rounds "Bad Boys"
    Viagra Shaped Red Loves (a whole lot of 'em round here)
    Viagra Shaped Blue Loves

    Of course the usual Double Stakked Smileys (my all-time favs), Purple Butterflys, Blue CKs, and some 420mg *grins* Rolling Stones which I've fallen in utter love with... not for the faint of heart.

    All of these hits (pretty much) pure MDMA, if it contains anything else it isn't E to me. I have some beautiful blue "bood'ha"s (spelt that way on rim of pill) which are MDMA/Ketamine.

    *sighs* I don't do coc, but there's plenty around. LSD is in constant supply, but I don't do that anymore either... but we have some supposedly good "looking glass" blotter floating around as of late.

    Some nice speed (sold as E) with motorola stamps that's in heavy supply in southern WI at the moment. Better cut than most of the snag speed you can buy in any other form. Better price too.
  3. I tried to click on the drugs i have used... only one at a time... well that didnt work... most of the wicked shit i been ingesting aint on the list... kill you quicker than fucking weed i goddamn gaurantee... been a panel beater, farm hand, ranchhand, and most the shit i used was more fucking toxic than mere cannabis... but since cannabis returns pleasure instead of steady aching fucking pain... its made illegal! Not many panel beaters support prohibition... goddamn it gang its time to talk out... tell the world about real dangerous shit... thats perfectly legal and required to ingest to make a living.
  4. Well, Just the classics:

    Coke, Crack, Crank, Acid, Opium, Pot, and lots of prescription drugs. (Of course they all deserve capitalization for some reason...)

    Klonopin, Codeine, Soma, Vicodin, Flexoril, Darvocet, Morphine, Valium, Tranxene, Tegretol, Phenobarbital.

    And probably just about anything over the counter. Although I usually take it as directed. 2 Benadryl will knock my ass out for the night. Klonopin is my favorite pill.

    The 1 mg. brand name Klonopin is blue. I call it "The blues".
  5. What about DXM ("Robotripping" etc.)...any of you guys tried that? liked it? personally a little too fucked up for me, i was laying in bed first time i downed a bottle of robitussin and an hour later i thought i had turned into my matress and was slowly but surely sinking lower and lower into ...well i guess into the ground to be forever stuck and lost between "realms" or something to that extent...pretty fucked up trip. But id recommend people try it atleast once just to experience its effects and maybe do some sort of soul searching with it...it really clears your mind and even though weird shit happens it isn't "scary" in the sense that it scares you, but more of an eerie calm to it. hard to explain, one of those "you had to be there" sort of things.

    (to all the kiddies)just make sure if you've never heard of this,or you arent very experienced with it, dont go drinking cough medicine from your bathroom...you should research it, cuz if you accidentally drink the wrong brand, or wrong dosage of oh say Acetometaphine or Guainefesin, you might spend the rest of the night vomiting...or flat out OD and die.

    be careful

    Love Peace N Chicken Grease
  6. I've done a lot of "Screw" which is coedine/strawberry cola 1 to two parts mixed... which can be nice, makes ya feel like you've become part of the furniture, but it's an all time great to listen to a heavy but choppy bass-line (check out the late DJ Screw, RIP) while screwed... the beats get drawn out, and seem to float about your mind for ages... and it seems just as your head is about to explode... you're gone.

    Nice... most of ya say "Why not just take coedine straight?" Well, carbonated beverages will intensify it. It takes a drug that will normally put you on heavy nod, and turns it into a RUSH... that eventually puts you on the nod, lol. But be aware it also can push quite a few people over the edge... it can be lethal if not dosed out right. For the most part it's a half a can of cola to about 4oz of coedine. I don't tell anyone to go out and do this drug... because of it's inaccuracy. So don't go bitchin at me...

    A little note, carbonated beverages will advance the rate that a good deal of consumable drugs get into your bloodstream. Anything gelcapped/time released, all alcohol, etc. Which can be a bad thing or a good thing ;) Be careful and knowledgable with everything you take into your body.
  7. NuBBiN
    u should try drinking robitussin ac with equal parts of ginger ale man that shit right there kicks ass it's cool in one word: euphoric
  8. really? sounds interesting
  9. my mom that lives in NY and she came down for x-mas. she had oxycondit 40mg each. holy shit. i took 4 and i was fuck up like hell man.

    and i never did herion but i smoke opuim. i know i should not be smoking opuim at my age but what the hell you going to do. i can handle it.
  10. ecstasy,cocaine,speed,ALCOHOL,GHB,and more xtc....

    (edit) shrooms
  11. Have you ever listen to ESCAMA DE PESCADO this is a very strong coke that has a soft pink color, IT´S WILD. Also have you ever listen about "BASE" it comes from the coke plant and has a more simple and cheaper procesing thatn coke it looks alike but the effect is diferent, it makes you feel kind of scary but not good in the inside of yourself but in the outside .. you know what I mean?
    This costs like one dollar each gram and 4 doolars tha gram of coke.

    Ecuador is a 3 hour drive to Colombia and 2 day drive to Bolivia
    Ecuador is also a producer of , marihuana, cacaine, opium we aslo have all kinds of shrooms.
  12. You've smoked crack dude? That's terrible. As terrible as it is, how does it make you feel? As well as coke. Also, how much and what kind of robotussin will make me high?

  13. I can understand how the caffeine in the soda pop can help the body to absorb other drugs faster, but I don't get how carbonization in the soda has anything to do with the effect of the codeine (other than making it hit you faster).

    In Canada, the OTC acetaminophen with codeine has caffeine in it as well. I didn't notice that it intensified the buzz any, but the dosage is lower in OTC codeine.

    Do you know how the carbonization intensifies the buzz?

    Me? (I think I'm the only one who admitted to doing crack)

    Yes it is terrible. In fact, it's one of a couple of drugs that I've done that make me think twice about advocating for the legalization of all drugs. It certainly can take over your life easily.

    If I had been richer it probably would have mine.

    But anyway.... I think it makes me feel better than coke, but the high doesn't last as long. By the time the pipe gets back to you you're definitely ready for another hit. There's no such thing as saving some for later.
    Once you start coming down, you realize you don't want to go through this 2 times, so you might as well fire up the rest of it.

    It certainly does give you a hell of a rush.

    Although it's hard to beat the body tingles you get from doing a big honkin' line of coke.

    And Robitussin DM will get you trippin' (word of mouth from my brother). I don't know about the dosage, but I understand it's dangerous, and not very good for your liver.
  14. Whoa. That's weird. I think of coke more of as an upper class drug. Crack is more of a lower class, ruin your body drug. Although they're both bad. I only smoke pot, but I may try LSD or Ex sometime. That's about the furthest I'll go. Does anyone know how to get a presciption for Valium faitly easily? Also, can you get high off Prozac, Zoloft, etc...?
  15. well i spent like a month researching what cough medicines would do the trick. yea the robitussin DM would do it..look for the active ingredients "DXM" "DM" or "DEXTROMETHORPHAN"

    if the *only* active ingredient is one of those three then its good to go.

    if it has
    guaifenesin (mucus thinner)
    or anythign else that you dont know about


    if it has less than 100mg of guaifenesin but also has a minimum of 15mg of dxm then you could possibly take that too..but the first half hour youll be nautious and might vomit.

    read about it first at erowid.com

    its a great website with tons of info/dosages/trip journals/ and links to other places

  16. Oxycottin is bad shit man....... i only smoke pot but i might drop acid and i'm gonna take shrooms. Out of chance i recently obtained like like 60 hits of blotter acid for free, but i think i'm gonna sell it and buy shrooms and kind bud.

  17. Actually, the carbonation "seems" to delay the normal effects of the coedine for a good twenty minutes. Codeine is one of the few things that can take me down, and fast if it's a good IRC (Immediate Reaction Codeine) as much as I can figure the carbonation results in intensifying the coedine to such an extent that it makes your mind overload (though you can get to a point if you mix too harshly that you get the opposite effect, usually resulting in passing out or death) but then twenty minutes of the purest headrush you can acheive (as I said before your body is still on the normal nod) goes by and then you're very little short of comatose. lol.

    I never said caffeine accelerated a buzz, the carbonation does. Seltzer water does just as good a job as a Coca-Cola.

    Carbonation can cause the surface of your stomach to "expand" allowing more of whatever you're going to consume to be absorbed more rapidly and directly (it doesn't allow your body to break "it" down, or release it as it normally would).

    If you're mixing carbonated beverages and certain substances at the very same time you can also cause quite a few more acceleration factors, imagine your stomach as a can of coke, if you shake it up what happens? The beverage itself "becomes active" and forces itself and whatever is near by out of its confines if it can. Making whatever else is in your system to be "processed" even faster.

    *laughs* I rarely make sense, so if I didn't just ball me out and I'll be sure to work on my presentation *smile*

    EDIT: Wasn't making sense at all... heh.
  18. whoa pink coke that's some pretty good shit there i hate my town we have no good coke and hardly no meth we get bad ass x pills smacked out with whatever you want and i was talking about robitussin ac

  19. Well, caffeine does accelerate the buzz. I didn't say that you said it. I said that I understand it. It makes things pump around faster (because it speeds the heartbeat). There's probably something more scientific about it as well, but it does make things take effect faster than if you hadn't ingested caffeine.

    Now that makes sense. Thanks for explaining it to me.

    (See? You do make sense!)
  20. nothing else I have smoked weed now for almost 20 years and never wanted to try for that extra kick

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