Drugs of the future..

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  1. will there be any?... in the making? any body know..
  2. Run while you still can
  3. ha you refering to "substance D" ha.. wahts that
  4. unless we can see into the future.. uhh..
  5. 1. Blue Glass
    Method: Smoked
    Effects: Feelings of extreme optimism and happiness; greatly enhanced
    reflexes; sensory and sexual pleasure; visual acuity. Immediately followed
    by semi-permanent suicidal catatonia.
    Duration: Five minutes
    Cost: $1 per hit

    2. Brainscratch
    Type: Hallucinogen
    Method: Dropped into eye
    Effects: Reaches visual cortex in seconds, producing terrifying hallucinations.
    Test subjects report loss of identity and feelings of total dislocation
    from human world.
    Duration: Ten hours to several years
    Cost: $2 per dose

    3. Zom-B
    Type: Narcotic
    Method: Injected
    Effects: Stuporous mental coma, yet user's motor functions are involuntarily
    stimulated. Possible side effects may include walking off bridges or into
    oncoming trains.
    Duration: Fifteen to twenty hours
    Cost: $3 per fix

    4. Spike
    Type: Stimulant
    Method: Ingested as pill
    Effects: Rush of physical strength, invulnerability to pain, and
    sociopathic impulses. Originally developed by Pentagon as combat drug.
    Duration: Two hours
    Cost: $5 for 15 pills
  6. Im going to make one.

    Its going to be Alpoloszirisiam, and when you take it. You dont trip for hours, you trip for days. And on your trip, you will see your future. You will see heaven. And then it will trigger in your head, you should take another does of Alpoloszirisiam so you can see hell. But after youve taken another dose, youll overdose and be dead. So Welcome to Hell.
  7. anybody ever that Dr Who episode where there patches that make you anything you wanna be instanly?
  8. The drug of the future in Phillip K Dick's, A Scanner Darkly. It has euphoric effects but after chronic use can produce vivid hallucinations.

    I think RCs are the drugs of the future. They'll become more well known as more people turn to ordering them and selling them due to the overwhelming demand for LSD. This is especially true if one considers our time right now as similar to the early-60s, when a whole new kind of drugs (psychedelics) became more mainstream. If one accepts this then RCs are clearly the substances which would fill this void, considering there are preperations that cause all kinds of hallucinations and that affect people in many different ways, and even mimic the effects of many drugs already available (ecstacy, lsd, mushrooms, mescaline) and more that go beyond what one could imagine just thinking about those 4 substances.
  9. Sure enough.

    You know what they say.

    "Substance D? Either you're an addict, or you haven't tried it yet."
  10. whatever is coming out i hope its free
  11. Shulgin speculates that by 2050 we'll have over 1000 new substanaces to experiment with.

    It's going to be a long 40 years. See you guys on the other side.
  12. Dr. Who could be one of the best shows ever.

    The episode you're referring to is "Gridlock".

    That was, IMO, the best episode to date.
  13. I can't disagree with this. If we actually researched chemicals I can't even imagine what we could isolate.

    VS, we need to roll or trip and/or flip
  14. Sweet, is this from a new video game your designing?
  15. Tell me about it!!! I'm just too damn far away, but we're both still young and I have no doubts there's plenty of people who's path I'll cross with, yours included.
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    I want a drug, that would combine... heroin, marijuana, xanax, and orgasms, all together.

    That would be legit.

    edit: oh yeah... and pussy, gotta have pussy in there too.

    edit2: i forgot.. it has to include NO WITHDRAWS or fear for addiction..
  17. cannabinoid receptors modified: inhale .2 grams high for 6 hours. all the time:smoking:
  18. didnt let me +rep
    If i had a quote in my sig it would be that
  19. HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU AD VIDEOS!!?!?! here is a link for REAl drugs of the futuer
    [ame=http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=21925719]Video Little Alex and his Droogies van Studa - MySpace Video[/ame]

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