drugs, my take on how to justify the drug war.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Kid A, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. drugs drugs are not a problem till one starts using them to mask their own reality instead of enhancing it. this should be determined in court and charges should be applied acordingly. ones family could easily determine which side theyre on. those who are maskers should be penalized for it would be in their own best interest. those who are enhancers are causing no trouble doing nothing drastic to obtain the drugs, and could quit at any moment though they choose not to. you either have to or you just want to. i believe most addictions rely on mental dependancy not chemicals. and have nothing to do with seretonin in your head or anything physical about you. just your mind

    control your mind
  2. yes definatley.

    the dependancy problem is not easy to overcome with any drug.

    however, if you swap the word drug, with pleasure then its interesting.

    too much pleasure can be bad for you?
  3. i think that would take up lots of valuable time and money in court
    draggin in psychologists

    not to mention they could lie in court and the real people with problems could get off easier.. there is no way that courts would accept this as any kind of evidence.
  4. the best way would be to get rid of the problem at the source... i.e- the head of the networks


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