Drugs Inc.

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  1. Anyone seen it? It's one right now, the one on weed. It's actually really good,
    seems to be biased towards legalization. It's on nat geo. Right now they're talking about a chick that uses it for her pain, and they actually showed someone who looks like a everyday person. (it seems like whenever they have these docs they show someone who's just using the system)

    Made me wonder where my weed came from too, like who grew it? (not anymore, I get it from a friend who grows, but in the past)

    Watch it!

    Edit: they talk about vaporizers too :) and a bunch of doctors
  2. Watching it now thanks dude
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    Sure! I actually showed it to my parents because it's relatively unbiased AND they talk about why it was made illegal in the first place, how they ignored the studies and shit
  4. So is the Union but people here hold it up as the holy grail of movies
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    Yeah, I know. While the I love the Union...

    Drugs Inc is more about the production and how they're trying to stop it, it's not like "okay so this person was saved from cancer etc"

    Like right now they just busted his house carrying kids out for a half o. No joke. Makes the DEA look even dumber.

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