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Discussion in 'General' started by persondudeguy, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. How dangerous are the following drugs?


    All of these I've considered, yet I'm too pussy to ask for them just yet. Would do you think?
  2. LSD and acid are the same, i've never tried acid.

    Shrooms are good,very good, just relax and go with what the trip gives you and rememeber it will wear off eventually, it's a drug.

    Ecstacy, what a great feeling.

    Just do a bit of research on whatever drugs your thinking of trying and be in the right surroundinds and you'll be fine :)

    Oh yea, no drug is safe.
  3. pot is always safe ;)

  4. ecstasy is the only drug that i havent/wouldn't take out of those 3...

    I can't believe no one has posted www.erowid.com yet...
  5. i have heard that people have scratched there eyes out when they where on acid and had a bad trip(my mothers a nurse...she wouldnt lie)...some people see bugs crawlin all over them and scratch the shit outts there skin....the only thing i would suggest is shrooms in a safe place and pot. good ol' pot.
  6. Why does everyone have a bad view on ecstacy?
  7. shrooms are my favorite drug. the first time i did it i kept waiting to become sober again...even though i was loving it...i dunno if anyone else felt like that?

  8. probably from all the alzheimers/draining spinal fluid propaganda and the fact that alot of dumbass ravers overheat n die n all that shit.

    i'd try it if it wasnt 15-20 bucks for 1 roll, i'd rather jus pay 7 and trip.
  9. LSD warms up the inside of your brain, and speeds up the loss of brain cells, not majorly so onec or twice isnt really that bad, but anymore than a one off will be bad for you in the long run.

  10. everythings bad for you, in the long run...

  11. I can get them for £3.50 now for 1 roll and they get cheaper as you buy more in one go.

    Some i know however can get them for £1.50.

  12. I don't! :p And they're only a fiver a throw round here - can get cheaper. They are fantastic things. You just gotta have respect for your limits and for whatever ur throwing down ur neck.
    Oh, and don't drink alcohol with E, coz that's dangerous.

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