drugs for formal events

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by matteothefart, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. what are good drugs to take at weddings and other formal events besides alcohol?

    opiates? weed? things that don't obviously show...

    i wanna toke, but i dont wanna be tired, and i opiates get me tired sometimes too... mdma would be great, but i want to keep my clothes on... any ideas?
  2. dude, seriously?
  3. benzos, a little weed (just a bit), and/or some opiates. lsd if you're an experience tripped.


    Have fun.
  4. If you dislike the person that much why not just skip the wedding?
  5. Weddings = open bar

  6. Listen to this guy
  7. well its not a wedding, i'm going to prom, then one of my grandmas is throwing this indian religious cermony to bless all her grand kids, then i'm going to my other grandma's 70th birthday or some shit like that in a few months, then i gotta go to a wedding later on next summer, but i still don't know...

    i found that about 15-20 mg of oxy give you a good high and it makes you have fun around people....

    and i'm sure a few old folk will die along the way... i really wanna know what to use to make prom memorable and a little less boring then it usually is, or atleast how homecoming is....
  8. Oh prom in the fall? cool man
  9. Get outta the house and goto some parties bro!

    your idea sounds good to.. get a nice perc 10 or something.. I never drink to much on opiates tho but at a low dose then def.. and a low dose+wedding+hotties+beer=fuck ya

  10. haha honestly. dont do drugs alone and then go to prom...
  11. Alcohol, weed, opiates, benzos. For my OWN wedding or something like that, I might dex, but I don't know. Maybe coke or speed, but only in moderation, it's easier to see that someone's coked up than stoned, because the coked up guy is alphebetizing dust motes while the stoned guy is eating something or doing something of that nature that normal people would do.

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