drugs at college?

Discussion in 'General' started by el-producto, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. for all the college students out there...what drug do yall see going around the campuses the most besides bud? im guessing tweak or coke for late night studying but i wouldnt know
  2. ah man there is everything where I go....coke, shrooms (limited), bud, shwag, various pain killers, adderall, dextrogen, opium (limited), X, wipids, and on and on...but I dont really do much of any except for some adderall, bud, shrooms and pain killers

  3. heheheh
  4. mmm that adderall gets to ya. I used to do it for awile but I figured that I enjoy sleeping so I was like fuck this nasty shit and quit doing it. Never slept better :D
  5. Ah I only use adderall when I have to study for some exams lol...I love adderall..and when you take adderall when your high you get an awsome "awake" high....great stuff :)
  6. it's mostly bud, shrooms, acid, XTC, little bit of coke, and if you know ppl ;) dexadrine
  7. what drug would someone be best to go with slanging then? best profit and not struggling to sell it i mean
  8. ^^^

    Shhhh. Not supposed to discuss dealing on here.
  9. depends on what the demand is in the city you're in. if there is a high demand for cid, but no one can get it. then find yourself a book of cid and you could probably name your price.

    Find out what everybody wants, and slang that.

  10. shh dont even say that word
  11. ummmm i wouldnt "fundraise" acid if i were you..... every hit you "fundraise", you are charged with attempted murder....... dont do it..... you can make money in many other ways....
  12. no dude.... ive heard this like 50 times in my life.... my drug education teacher in school has told it. my drug education teacher when i had to take classes, told us it. and lots of people. if you are caught selling acid..... you get charged with attempted murder.... attempted murder is prolly included in there, considering it is not punishable by death, and you can get over 20 years... or whatever that fucked up table says.

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