Drugs are a waste on me...

Discussion in 'General' started by Aaagogo, May 9, 2011.

  1. I'm sitting here, waiting for my buddy and his gf and waking and baking and I just realized that most drugs are actually kinda boring for me due to the various different trainings I have received during my life experiences.

    I did 2 1/2 years in the military and spent 13 months in officer training, then later did cave diving training and assistant diving instructor training...

    during all that, we were taught to combat the -ve effects of drug exposure. while i did not receive the advanced level training, I was taught the basics and taught to recognize what the different effects are.

    The "simplest" example would be nitrogen narcosis while scuba diving. It may occur at any depth for any diver but for the slightly trained divers, we actually do have dive training with my instructor where we induce nitrogen narcosis underwater (usually about 150feet - 180 feet for me, for my instructor, probably never now, he does 300 feet deep dives)

    a simple way of testing nitrogen narcosis is from a whip cream can.
  2. so you were taught how to combat the effects of drugs and now they're boring or what ? don't klnow what you're talking about

  3. I dont really know what he is talking about either...

    So are you saying that because you were trained to recognize certain physiological effects that you are now bored with drugs because you recognize their effects? I dont know man. I dont think i understand your point man.

    Send your weed this way though, dont waste it on yourself. I dont have your high level of training and would greatly appreciate it. thanks.
  4. Maybe he should stop doing DRUGS and smoke weed instead!
  5. drugs are bad... mmmkay.
  6. Im not going to ask if you've tried these said 'Drugs' cause that would spark an illegal conversation, But during your training did they ever teach you to induce Euphoria or Hallucinations?

    I can see where some military training would basically prepare you for a 'Rush' such as that given off by stimulants. and how to re-orientate yourself during disorientation but hell, they've got some crazy shit out there mate
  7. Why would knowing the effects make it worse? I know the effects of weed and still enjoy it every time!

  8. OP is a fuckin retard
  9. some people can't handle em. guess you're one of them
  10. How is Op a retard?

    I don't see anything in his post that makes him
    sound stupid.

    I think it is you who are retarded.

    You are just projecting your own stupidity on
    someone else.
  11. Ops post makes perfect sense to me.

    Maybe you all have smoked yourselves silly.

    He is just saying that he has received training in
    life to counteract the effect of drugs.

    So drugs like pot doesn't make him feel
    as good as it does for everyone.
  12. Pot is a drug.
  13. Maybe im reading it wrong, but as for weed, I think most people recognize it's effects over here, and we all still enjoy it? I actually look forward to it because I KNOW what effect im in for. ???
  14. you can fight it but why?
    i spend my life stoned and carry out everything i do stoned.
    you make sense op but in a untrained way! what you are saying is this training(knowing what to expect and how to adapt your reactions and thoughts to cope under the influence) is spoiling your high!
    don't fight it m8 just enjoy!
  15. lmao, i love stumbling across these retarded threads ....:wave:
    op is retard
  16. Obviously you've never tried:


    Or any other hallucinogenics. The superior drug.
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwF2FkKLouk]YouTube - Special K - Happy Happy[/ame]

    kellogs special k, makes me happy, happy happy :hello:
  18. wtf is going on here
  19. Actually, you are the retard, not the op.

    Op has said nothing that sounds stupid to me.
  20. increase dosage. then post again

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