Drugs and the Afterlife

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  1. Drugs and the After life
    I see drugs as a very important part of my life and my belief is that some drugs more than other may have an affect on us in the afterlife we’ll be different from the normal people! we might special ability’s depending on what drugs you’ve taken. Drugs come from the Earth and to me until I see this ‘afterlife’ drugs (from the earth) are god.
    Here a list of some of my predictions on certain drugs and the abilities we might get


    This drug has an amazing affect in the short term and becomes a nice habit in the long term. The high or stoned feeling we get could be our souls charging up on the THC. Your mind might go slow for now when you use it, it must do something to the soul
    The abilities I predict are mind control, telekinesis and CHI like energy control like in Dragon ball z but those are just my view it would be nice to here from other.

    Cocaine -
    I’m not a big fan of stimulant drugs I like my
    Psychedelics. The super power I think cocaine might give are increased endurance and super speed. Due to it’s stimulating affect.

    Ecstasy - Love my E now and again. I think the power we’ll get from these are the ability to manipulate and connect souls

    I have more to this thread the rest can be read @ my group on facebook

    it's very intresting read
  2. Very interesting man. I wonder in the "afterlife" if the drugs are like " set" into the soul kind of. Like an analogy would be the the resin build up in a pipe/bowl. IT's an interesting theory...
  3. Hm....well it could happen I guess. No one knows for sure so I shoudlnt really knock what you think man.
  4. Timothy Leary must have an interesting after life.
  5. man, i wanna know what drugs YOU are on to think that shit up??? im not makin fun or tryin to be rude at all but that shit is out there. i love havin epiphanies like that.
  6. I think that certain drugs give us super powers in this life. Especially erf drugs like pot and mushrooms. to me it seems like theyr here for a reason and the people who use them all seem a little wiser or just less caught up in the riffraff. beyond "normal" would be one way to put it.
  7. I've taken 6 E now but I wrote this while I was sober
  8. fuck 6 rolls, must not be good rolls man...last time i saw an e-tard take 5 white ladys and he was rushed to the hospital and still aint right...
  9. i think your right people who smoke and do shrooms arnt self absorbed and all that crap and they look far beyond themself's to see things that people who are only concerned with themselfs can see
  10. I don't know if it's 'power' becoause on most drugs you become unstable for a few hours. You could sat it changes your mind in this life. There's got to be somthing more to it if people have been using the stuff thousands of years in spiritual tradition and what not.
  11. E our nothing round here, I've had better in my time. Drugs to scre me if there gonna kill they best be on our side.

    No drug scares me not even the hard stuff not that I would ever take heroine. MY thought on Heroine in the after life are THe Healing ability and resistance to pain.

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