Drugs and sex

Discussion in 'General' started by Johnybong, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Has anybody here fucked on acid or shrooms? I want to try it because it sounds amazing...Obviosly fucking on e is great because its the hug drug (if you can) but does anybody here think certain drugs make sex better. Kinda a weird question but we're al grown up here aren't we?
  2. I dont know man I started beating off on acid once and then I was like "dude im rubbing my hand on my penis really fast, this is way to weird" and i quit
  3. LMFAO^^^^ dude, keep that kind of shit to yourself lmao.

    i've fucked on both, on shrooms it was too much, i was tripping balls and didn't really even know what the fuck i was doing or why lol.

    on acid it was fucking amazing, i would never fuck again not on acid if i had the choice. i preformed a shitload better and felt alot more emotionally connected... ahh good times.

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