Druggie Killed by Cannabis Lamps - WTF!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by AMachine, May 18, 2010.

  1. Talk about getting baked.
  2. I love that they say "druggie", makes the "journalist" sound like a 13-year-old girl.
  3. +rep for makng me smile

    he shouldn't have been growing with halogen lamps- bwahahahah!

  4. The term "druggie" makes me not like the author of the story.

  5. yea its very disrespectful. only 100 degrees? he must of been 400 lbs
  6. how is he a druggie, if they found no drugs in his system?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? most druggies dont go long enouh without drugs to show up clean on drug screenings
  7. lol! we know a few druggies then i guess haha
    RIP tho
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    "Police almost fainted from the heat when they entered the property on a warm day last June."

    WOW......what fucking pussies if its true which i'm sure it wasn't. This is such a total line of complete fucking garbage, if its that "hot" something would be on fire. I hate lying "journalist's"

    And no drugs were found in his system. How on gods green earth is this guy a druggie????

  9. Exactly its gets 120-130 out here and i have no ac in my car and i am completely fine after 4 summers... I say there was something else involved..
  10. carbon dioxide is a possibility too.
  11. Two words.

    The - Sun

    that website isn't very credible.
  12. plant's produce oxygen. :smoke:
  13. OMG! are the plants ok?!?

  14. Or perhaps the "journalist" was a "druggie."
  15. Darwin Award candidate.
  16. Lmao !!!!

  17. Why would his pals 'break' into his house? There are some pretty loose sentences in that report.
  18. So if your friend didn't answer his phone, never came out, haven't heard from him you wouldn't snoop around to make sure everything is ok?

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