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  1. Today during lunch I bought a pizza off a lunch car , you know sorta like those taco trucks, anyways I bought a pizza and I took a bite out of it and it tasted sweet/bitter. I demanded a refund and the worker calls over his boss and his boss gives me a refund and a free lunch. So when I get back in my car it hits me I'm GET SUPER TIRED like after a hard day of work . Anyways I don't know If it was the food I ate or the reason I did not sleep at all since 29 hours ago ?!

    Your thoughts blades ?
  2. ...you felt tired after not sleeping for 29 hours? Unheard of, must have been the pizza.
  3. Hmm 29hrs without sleep?

    Must have been the Roofies.
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    Carl winslow is a cop

    Jk, idk but he has a cops name...
  5. I wish I could get the 30 seconds back I spent reading this thread and then the 2 minutes it took me to write this response.
  6. If you buy from a lunch truck you deserve to get drugged Or murdered either is fine
  7. Theres a reason they're called a Roach Coach
  8. Lol this took you two minutes?

  9. Don't judge, this one took me ten. :(
  10. this took me 6 minutes (shitty 3rd world internet)
  11. fucking lol
  12. Did u not sleep for 29 hrs or did u not sleep for 29 hrs eat pizza get back from work and then feel super tired

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