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drugged or really stoned?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kileystor, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. the other day, i hung out with a friend of mine who ive had a huge crush on for a long time. he asked if i wanted to smoke weed and i said sure. we were in his backyard, and it was dark and i couldnt neccesarily see what was going on. we started smoking (the same thing) and i felt IMMEDIATLEY high. ive smoked multiple times before and know what it feels like. this time, i felt super disorientated but ignored it. we had another bowl and then went upstairs to his room. i was tripping all over the place and couldn't walk well, my vision was super shaky. ive never felt this way on weed before. we get up to his room and he tries offering me alcohol, i decline. i tell him i feel way too high and am concerned, and he ignores it. i keep forgetting things i said 5 seconds ago and im still so disorientened. my mouth is extremely dry and i keep feeling like im going to pass out. even after expressing i felt weird, he tries to have sex with me. multiple times. even after ive said no. i tell him im concerned its more than weed and he gets angry and lashes out on me. each time we were "hooking up" it felt like it was all happening at once. i felt like i had no control and almost paralyzed. i finally fend him off of me and ask him to take me home. he complies. i was high for hours afterwards. the next day, im hungover and feel nauseous. i keep crying.'i cant eat and im oversleeping. was i drugged? also, was i sexually assaulted? should i be concerned? please help
  2. oops posted this twice
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    Refer to other thread from yesterday. Stop making multiple threads.
  4. You drugged yourself by smoking a second bowl when you already were too high. You should be concerned about not paying attention to what your body tells you. Were you sexually assaulted, only you can say. Your friend should have stopped immediately when you said no, but he did take you home when you asked. I think you felt bad the next day because you over did things. Please, be more careful in the future. Not blaming you, but what were you doing in his room?

  5. Yeah you weren't drugged, you overdid it. Granted, your 'friend' is a bit rapey, but he's not to blame here.

    If I'm really honest you sound like your under 18, maybe lay off it until you know your limits.
  6. If you want to know the real answer then go take a drug test. No one here knows what you might have smoked. Sure you could have been just too high. The reality is that there are also guys out there that would have no problem trying to drug and rape you. Any guess as to which actually happened is just ignorant assumption.
  7. This is how dudes be ending up in jail. Lmao clown ass fuck
  8. As Jay said, a test is best. If he smoked it too, it's probably just you.
  9. Grass city is a much better place to post concerns over sexual assault than any local sexual assault victim's advocate?

    "Was I sexually assaulted"? What the hell?

    Sorry, but you have issues

  10. Victim blaming? Seriously? You don't think that her so called "friend" is to blame here? Most people usually put the fault on the potential rapist, ya know? Not the person who smoked some super strong weed and got extremely high. A person being intoxicated is no reason for someone else to try and take advantage of them.

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