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Drugged Driving

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by wb21, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Whats the laws with this around the country but particularly colorado?
  2. illegal everywhere.
  3. i was reading somewhere that even if you havent smoked in a while they can still give u a ticket just for having it in your blood stream is there some protection from this if you have a mmj card?
  4. I know unlimited people who have been pulled over high or having just smoked including myself and the officer doesn't even mention it..... But I live in Cali.
  5. if a cop really wants to be a douche bag its kinda tricky for him to prove youre high. i think youd have to have them do a mouth swab since it doesnt detect more than a day i think?

    but if you have a med card then as long as you are not high you should be golden.

    but still dont drive if youre stoned as fuck.
  6. I drive stoned as FUCK. one time I was so high I couldn't feel my feet and I had to figure out where the gas and brake were through trial and error, stoned as fuck.
  7. You'd have to check the state statutes. I know in neighboring Wisconsin, if you are in a crash, they can do a blood draw and make no differentiation between active metabolites and expired byproducts. :rolleyes: If it's found in your system, they can charge you. Read up for your state!
  8. you shouldnt drive stoned. its as irresponsable as drunk driving in my opinion. as soon as people start dieng then its more ammo for anti-legalisation supporters.

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