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drug years

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by popsson, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. this show is on vh1 you should check it out. its about stoners from the 70's
  2. Im watching it.

    good shit.
  3. watching it right now
  4. not watching it now but i have it reminded for when they re show it at 12:00 did everyone see the first 2 parts?
  5. Ive seen most of the first two and all of this part so far.

    This is a very good show.
  6. it's bomb. really into it. watching it with my mom who grew up during that time. pretty cool
  7. sweet, im ganna tape it when it replays at 1am (EST)
  8. Oh yeam it's awsome. I watched the first two and am recording the third. Hahaha bob dylan (my hero) introduced the beatles to weed. :hello:
  9. I tivo'd it, I thought it was a great show.
  10. it's about the 60's not 70's. i HATE it when people mix the two up.
    remember 60's is hippies and acid
    70's is disco and cocaine
  11. i wonder what the 2000's will be remembered as?
  12. as if the 80's wasnt cocaine? and that there wasnt cocaine in the 60's? dude, stop.
  13. Today's (Wednesday) episode was better than Monday and Tuesdays.

    That was crazy when they were talking and showing footage of smuggling marijuana and shit.
  14. Even tho Im hardly old enough to have been around in the 60s and 70s, I feel that the 60's was more about having a new view on life and don't take things too seriously, whereas the 70s with disco and coke where just about partying. Who the hell knows what people were thinking with disco tho.

    It pissed me off seeing the presidents making jokes about one hippie talking to another hippie, saying he was wearing shit clothes and had long dirty hair and what not basically just talking down about hippies. That just infuriated me that because someone has a different view, there automatically the enemy.

    And similarly the news anchors talking about the 'hippies' like there a different species or something.
  15. By the 80's people had stopped using cocaine like they had been in the 70's. Yes there was cocaine in the 60's but it wasn't used like it was in the 70's. I don't know from experience, but from what I'm gathering, it seems like in the 70's a lot of people did cocaine recreationally. Like A LOT. More than in any other time period, which is why the 70's is remembered for disco and coke...
  16. yeah its about to come on here
  17. you know nothing, 80's was one of the biggest crack cocaine eras man.. thats when it really hit the streets.
  18. You, sir, need to watch the show.

    The first two nights (Monday and Tuesday) were about the 60's. Tonight (Wednesday) is about the 70's... So, no one is mixing it up. If you look, this thread was created today, therefore the original poster is correct, it is about the 70's. i HATE it when people jump on other people without a little common sense research.
  19. 2000's will be the meth years 60s weed acid 70's 80's Coke 90's crack 2000's methamphetamine
  20. ayyyymen i was thinking the same:hello:

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