Drug war violence is coming!!!

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  1. I know it's tedious to read long articles but this one's worth skimming.


    The big difference between the Alcohol Prohibition and the current Drug War is that the supply-side violence of the Alcohol Prohibition occurred right here in our own country. People saw the violence and the bodies first-hand and that played a big part in getting the prohibition repelled.

    However, the Drug War violence mainly occurs outside of our country, we don't hear about it and truthfully we don't care about it. Well that's about to change. Already hit men have been sent into Georgia, Arizona, California and Texas. They are coming to a neighborhood near you, they will kill to get what they want, and soon they will openly take on our police forces ..bribing, intimidating and killing to secure their markets and supply routes.

    Any measures our police and army take against them will directly affect us. Already all of us (smokers and nonsmokers alike) live under constant risk of having SWAT-style raids conducted against our homes, where the police through either misinformation or just simple mistake choose our door to smash down and in the frenzy and adrenaline rush open fire with their automatic weapons into our home.

    There is only one way to stop these narco-cartels and that is through legalizing the production and supply of marijuana (and ideally all other drugs as well) by certified businesses. We cannot arrest the demand for drugs out of our country, and without removing demand we cannot hope to remove supply. These gangs are coming, legalization is the only weapon we have that can protect us from them. We must use it.
  2. dude thats a trip about those people in rehab getting killed.
  3. This is what happens when a country gives up it's freedom for security, you'll eventually end up with neither.

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