Drug War takes the life of a Marine

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  1. Sad. They "suspected" him of being involved with drug-trafficking. The prosecutors office said the shooting was justified. The U.S. is getting out of control!

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    SWAT team's shooting of Marine causes outrage - Boston.com
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    who cares, whens the last time the marine corps did anything for our benefit?

    no really, fucking show me 1 thing they did for our benefit.

    securing lithium veins in Afghanistan so you're iphone isn't 10,000$ does not count.
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    army strong!!!
  4. Why do we the people let our police get away with these kind of actions. People should be marching on that police station demanding justice. All SWAT teams should be disbanned. They get off on shooting people. I've talked with SWAT barbarians from Las Vegas and they aren't real police just a barbaric puppet that loves to shoot first and ask questions later.

  5. Mentioning he was a Marine was more of a tidbit than anything else, not a reason for you to pity him (or not). A guy was killed in a raid, that's the main point of this thread.
  6. How can you say "Who cares"? This young boy and his mom are now going to be scarred for life, scared of the police, unable to even feel safe in their own home. They will never be the same, and the man is dead.

    This is a tragedy.
  7. Oh, a troll, right?
  8. 8 seconds passed after door breach????? so they were shooting into a blank void....
    a 20 foot long shot? 71 rounds? ONLY HIT 22 TIMES???????
  9. lol the whole swat team has done less for their country than that marine combined. its okay one day that swat team is gonna run into a house where the guy is gonna have bombs, you can bring guns to a bomb fight....

  10. So because he was a Marine you feel his death was justified? I'm sorry but I feel all service members of any country deserve respect. They do a lot more for their country than you do for yours. You are a real piece of work trying to undermine what sacrifices people make so you can sit on your ass and run your mouth.

  11. i think you are missing the point here, or really trying to elaborate more into it.

  12. Whens the last time you did shit for anyone but spout off dumb ass comments about shit you know nothing of? It takes a set of balls to be a Marine but just one giant pussy to sit infront of the computer and pretend like you have a fucking clue.
  13. I heard about this story back in May when in happened. Any idea where the video is?

    It might be a different story, but I thought it ended up being the wrong house they raided.
  14. After what i have learned in the past few years, i dont pity the government or their armed trolls, Sorry.
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    sorry but i come from a military back ground/family, its all horse shit :( you have no fucking clue how much military personel hate american civilians, open you're eyes :mad:

    what exactly are they doing for OUR country???? oh yeah they're securing oil reserves for exxon. yeah they're not doing shit for our benefit and its a god damn travesty :wave:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANasXXE9O6M]Generation Kill Final Speech - YouTube[/ame]
  16. They don't get any more respect than a police man does from me. They go terrorize the Middle East like our police do to us.

  17. So you are blaming service members for the actions of our politicians? Many of the service members today joined after 9/11 to protect our country. I was one of them. You think service members hate citizens? That is a bunch of bullshit propaganda. The good people of our country was my reasoning for joining the military. To protect them from anyone wanting to harm them.

    and Drew, terrorize the middle east? You obviously haven't been so shut the fuck up. We shouldn't of invaded Iraq, no shit but we did on false lies (FROM OUR GOVERNMENT) and the Iraqi people were happy for us to be there until the militia's and extremist started fighting us. Don't go spurting off at the mouth because you watch youtube videos and think you know what you are talking about.
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    1 million + iraqi civilians killed, THATS TERRORISM HOMIE, REPSOND TO THAT :mad:

    politicians did not pull the triggers, at any point in time they could have said "hmm i dont wanna murder people for oil, i dont want to be a government pawn" no they did it anyways.

    should i post the apache video of the gunner saying "shouldn't of brought their kids" before annihilating them?

    brown kids not as important as white?

    could you respond to that please?

    id love to see how you can spin it :)

  19. Oh no, you take a select group of videos to wage your war of propaganda? I'm not saying all military service members serve honorably but more serve honorably than dishonorably. Look at U.S citizens! They commit more terrorism than any service member. A million Iraqi's? Are you an idiot? That statement alone leads me to believe you are very uneducated on the Iraq war. If you actually looked at facts and whatever website you got your source of Iraqi's killed. You also need to realize that the extremists kill more civilians than the U.S. military has.

    Brown kids not as important as white? So we have a Caucasian military? You are a fool.

    Also you don't need to show me any videos. I was there. I was there during the worst of it. I know much more about that war than you'll ever think you know.
  20. There has been 103,375 documented deaths from the Iraqi war. (Not only from Americas military, but the extremists as well.)
    If you count undocumented deaths, there has been up to about 113,380 in total.

    And you sir are a dumbass. You think these people have a choice to stop once they're already set up in the military in a different country? You can be charged with a death sentence if you "desert" the military and return the USA you know?

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