Drug War Remix Competition

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  1. I received this email today from the SSDP and wanted to share it with you guys who are so talented. Good luck to anyone who goes for it!

    Drug War Remix Competition

    Sponsored by Students for Sensible Drug Policy

    May Day - 8pm - buddY.

    The aim of this competition is to challenge artists and activists to reconfigure current Drug War messaging. From the good intentions of drug abuse prevention to the heavy-handed oppression of minorities, the war on drugs has devastated communities worldwide. But no situation is more extreme than the United States, which has the highest prison population rate in the world and more than half of those incarcerated in the United States are there for drug offenses. Opportunities for education and self-improvement
    are the greatest deterrent to drug abuse, for those battling addiction, rehabilitation, not prison, is the answer to recovery.

    Television commercials and educational videos are the strongest tools of the War on Drugs. Long time coming is the cultural response from the D.A.R.E. Generation, who has been bombarded with messages like "drugs equal terrorism," and "this is your brain on drugs, any questions?" all the while being used as the primary excuse to justify racist public policies.

    The Drug War Remix Competition will culminate into one evening of discussions, projections and prize giveaways. This will be an opportunity for organizations to network and explore new creative projects while the Version Festival will be showcasing remixed work the week before and after
    the competition.

    Video remixing has emerged as today's most intriguing new art form. Remix artists "recontextualize," everything from the news to Poke-mon as young minds across the world push the limits of digital availability, with often hilarious results. Consistent themes in video remixing are politics, mass
    media and technology.

    Prize give-aways and screenings of the best submissions will be held at buddY on May Day (5-1-04) in conjunction with the Version Festival. buddY is located at 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Il.

    This competition is accepting submissions from around the world and in any language, attendance is not required. The guidelines are:

    * Running time: between 5 seconds and 10 minutes
    * Format: NTSC VHS, NTSC Mini DV, 16mm or 35mm film. Sound only submissions will also be accepted on CD or Cassette tape
    * Content: contains a minimum of 5 seconds of non-original Drug War messaging, original footage can be included as long as other guidelines are met
    * Deadline: All submissions must be received by April 15, 2004
    * There is no submission fee
    * Please send entries to Caton Volk at 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd floor Chicago, Il 6022

    If your having trouble finding content, visit your library's anti-drug video section. If that isn't enough call Caton at 312-437-1512 and we'll have a tape sent to you.

    For more information on Version festival and the Drug War Remix Competition you can visit versionfest.org, ssdp.org or e-mail catonvolk@hotmail.com

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