Drug Violence in the US

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    While most of you know how bad things are in Mexico i dont know how many of you have looked in to the violence that is going in within the US. I have the privilege of living South Texas and well down hear it is very common to hear about cartel/drug violence and police corruption. Im just gana post links to news stories in local papers. Keep in mind this is stuff that happening hear not in mexico.

    In this story a Cop gets arrested after kidnapings a rival drug dealer during daylight hours outside a walmart using swat tactics.

    11 year old boy shoots man who breaks in to his home but also takes a shot to the groin.
    Boy shot during home invasion | boy, home, invasion - Now - TheMonitor.com
    Follow up:
    After boy shoots alleged home invader, suspects charged | shoots, boy, suspects - Now - TheMonitor.com

    Man with AK47 shoots 1 of 4 men trying to break in to his home.
    4 charged after home invasion near Palmview | invasion, palmview, charged - Now - TheMonitor.com

    Guy killed in his backyard by 4 armed men.
    Fatal home invasion in Mission | mission, fatal, home - Now - TheMonitor.com

    Man Shoots and kills one of several armed gunman trying enter his home.
    Man killed in home invasion identified | killed, mission, home - Now - TheMonitor.com

    LOOK at the section/////RIO GRANDE CITY | WEAPONS SEIZURE//////
    For the Record | stabbing, record, city - TheMonitor.com
    Grenades found being crossed to mexico, this is crazy this means that people hear inside of the US can get grenades and its apparently so easy that people do it for profit. The demand for guns in mexico is creating a new industry in criminals in the US. So now criminals in the US are better armed as well, if there selling AK-47 and grenades to cartels imagine what kind of guns they have for themselves.

    The point of all this is to show what is being caused by are pointless drug war.According the basic principals of economics if lower the supply and the demand stay fairly constant, prices would have rise creating more profit.If there is more profit more people would be willing to take the risk there fore prohibitions creates criminals. Without prohibition criminals would be replaced by employees and cartels would be replaced by corporations


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